Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coffee Addiction

Do you consider yourself a coffee addict? Check if you posses these signs of being a coffee addict. Do you: consume more than two cups a day; feel fatigue on and off during the day; experience mood swings; have difficulty falling asleep; get irritated easily; wake-up in the morning feeling dead tired; often feeling dizzy; and find your hands trembling? If you are, then you are indeed a coffee addict! You might argue that coffee is a source of antioxidant but it’s only good if you drink it in moderation. You should overcome coffee addiction for a healthier body. Consult a nutritionist or a doctor to gradually eliminate it.


  1. I was once a coffee addict but thank goodness I was able to control it already. I am acidic and it doesn't help if I consume too much coffee.

  2. i love drinking coffee, i consume more than two cups a day but not everyday coz i know it's not good. But then when I smell coffee aroma, i can't help but to get my own cup!

  3. I consider myself a coffee addict, but through the use of my tremendous willpower, I will overcome it. Actually, I ran out of coffee and don't get paid for another week. It still sounded good though.