Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Poinsettia

My mother told me before when they were lovers of my father, she said, she would prefer giving her flowers than a chocolate. For her, to receive a flower in valentines, birthdays, holidays and other occasion is very fulfilling. When the time they got married and my father was sent away to other country because he was in the military, so every time my mom’s birthday, mother’s day or any occasion of the year; my father sent her flowers. I was wondering how my father sends the flowers. Well, I just found out he ordered the flowers from 1800flowers.com. This website has an international servicing. You can still send flowers to your loved-ones if you are in other country. They have different occasions such as Congratulations, Corporate gifts, Get Well, Thank You, Wedding and more. You can also find other products like Chocolates, Cakes and Cookies, Fruit Baskets and more. Just like this coming holidays, they have a flower called Christmas Poinsettia. Oh, it’s very pretty and fresh. If you are interested to buy this flower please click the preceding link to go to their website or you may call at their telephone number at 1-800-356-9377. Check them out now for more information.


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