Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lasik Surgery

If you are not familiar with Lasik, here is the brief definition. Lasik is the non-invasive surgical procedure to correct vision that has taken the country and the world by storm. Why, they wonder if they have to deal with glasses and contact lenses when Lasik procedures can correct common vision problems such as vision for near and far and astigmatism, as well as other acuity and depth perception vision problems?

Hubby is planning to have a Lasik surgery maybe next year. At first I didn’t agree though because I am scared of what will happen in the middle of the surgery. But hubby told me about his co-worker that who have done the surgery. I also talked to his friend about it and I am convinced enough for the surgery. I just wish the surgery will last long because it is very expensive.

We decided to have this surgery for hubby because he is already tired from wearing eyeglasses. And also, the grade of his eyes is getting higher and higher. Just last year, we went to his Optometrist two times and have replaced his glasses two times too. We were thinking if we spent that much of money for the prescription glasses, why not have it a Lasik surgery. We are going to have it done in Boston Lasik.


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