Friday, January 16, 2009

Online Slot Machine

I promised myself not to be a housewife with I got married but we can’t predict our future. One thing that I like being at home all the time is boring but I just realized, it is really fun especially if you have children. Now, I have three children and I am enjoying my life as a housewife. I do blogging and when my children are in school, I also play Online Slot Machine on the internet. For me, playing online games on the internet is a lot of fun because you can’t tell the time. It’s really a time killing for me while waiting for my children to get off from school. Before, I usually waited outside of their school but, I will come back after four hours to pick them up.

Anyway, I also share to my friend about how to play Online Slot Machine. At first, it was hard for her to understand but as I kept teaching her, she has learned. One day, I challenged her but she can’t bit me because most of the time, I have been playing though my expertise of the game is becoming improved. Now, I can play for money and at the same time, I am having fun too.


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