Thursday, February 4, 2010

casinos online

What a combination. When did a wedding become part of a casinos online, and vice versa? Never or not yet. Last December, I received a wedding invite from friends Philip and Ronelle. Their big day is going to be this Friday and I can't help but feel excited for them. I guess it's a natural reaction for single ladies like me.

Every girl dreams to walk down the aisle. As to when and how it will happen, only fate knows. Just like other couples that have long been steady, Edwin and I already have wedding plans. Don't ask when because we're not decided on the date yet. Who knows it could be this year? Spontaneity can be fun, too. But I digress.

Speaking of weddings, Edwin and I might go to Cebu this year for another friend's wedding. Oh how I miss Cebu! The sights, the nightlife and of course, the food. Cebu holds a dear place in my heart. I have tons of memories in Cebu. Some are nice while others are utterly embarrassing, but in a funny way.

Like one time, on our way to the airport back to Manila from Cebu, we were accompanied by a friend up to Waterfront Hotel-Mactan. The airport is just across the hotel. Since we were a few hours early, he suggested that we kill time inside the hotel's casino. Edwin was apprehensive about the idea as we're government employees and we're prohibited to enter casinos. He gave us the most clever advice, that is, to hide our IDs in our bags so they won't see them (the IDs) when they check our belongings. Boy, was it effective! And so we got to play a little bit inside the casino. I got attracted to a slot machine rvm while Edwin joined a group placing bets in one of the table games.

Wedding invite or casino invite? I'll choose wedding invite anytime.

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