Sunday, July 18, 2010

acneticin reviews

I have this problem on my face. I have acne and I do not know how to get rid of them. I have tried several treatments but of no avail. A friend told me to try searching in the internet for the best acne treatment. She told me maybe I can try searching for acneticin reviews or some other acne treatment reviews.

acne lotions

My brother is working in Dubai . He had been there for almost a year now. This morning he surprised me with a package. I have no idea that he is sending a package for me. I was so excited when I opened the package. He sent toys for my daughter and a pair of shoes for my husband. As for me she gave me clothes for my biking, swimsuit and acne lotions.

faux wood blinds

My father is planning to build a rest house in our farm in Davao City . He had asked my brother-in-law Robert to make the house plan. Father wants to have just two bedrooms and one bathroom in the house. He wants faux wood blinds for his windows. The house will be made of hard wood and the floor will be wood tiles.

barcode scanner

My father arrived this afternoon from Bukidnon. He came here in Cagayan de Oro just to buy barcode scanner. He’s going to use it in the grocery store that is he’s going to open next week in our town. He told me that if ever I have free time next week I could attend the soft opening of his grocery store.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

5th wheel insurance

After a year, Randy is going to drive the RV. He is planning for a trip to Orlando and he would surprise his kids when they go to Disneyland. But first things first, he needs an insurance for their motorhome. His friend had told him about 5th wheel insurance and Randy will search on that before heading to bed. He is very excited on their first trip using their RV.

rv loans

Randy and his family loves camping trip and they also travel every summer. Randy had told his wife about the rv loans that his friend had told him about. He is thinking of getting an RV since they all love to travel. RV is perfect for his family. The kids will not complain of dirty bathrooms anymore and they could sleep comfortably at night. His wife had like the idea and Randy will work on the loans tomorrow.

travel emergency

Wilmer’s roommate, Rami, is traveling when he had an accident. It’s a good thing that he knows about travel emergency and that he had been able to call for help. Rami is thankful that nothing serious happened to him. He got cuts and bruises but nothing major to worry about. Rami’s dad got worried and his mom got hysterical. They rushed to the hospital when they learned about his accident.

insurance quotes

Wilmer is searching for insurance quotes online. His roommate had an accident the other day and since he did not prioritize getting insurance, his friend had to pay all his medical bills. It’s a wake-up call for Wilmer. He doesn’t have insurance, too and now he realized that insurance is a must in our lives. You are stupid if you don’t get one.


Felipe’s cousin has a weird collection. He likes to collect scales. If it’s not that bizarre to you then to Felipe it is totally weird. He had asked his cousin why he is collecting scales and his answer is just simple. He told him that he likes to see numbers and he likes to weigh objects or himself. Felipe had just laughed after hearing his answers.

spring plungers

Myla’s brother-in-law had called and he wanted to borrow some spring plungers. Myla’s husband is not around at the time so she told him to just call again. She’s a retard when it comes to men’s gadget. It’s becoming an embarrassment especially when her husband’s family is teasing her about that. Her husband had told her not to mind them at all.

weight loss pills

Honey had gained 10 pounds during their Hong Kong trip. She and her husband had eaten a lot of noodles and chao fan. She’s very surprised to see that she had gained 10 pounds in three days. Now that they are back home, she’s determined to lose weight. Most of her office clothes doesn’t fit her anymore. She wants to try weight loss pills to lose weight in no time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

modern furniture

Ginger had bought modern furniture for her living room. She had been planning to renovate it for ages. Its looks have been outdated and she doesn’t like the look of that room anymore. A friend is helping her in renovating the place. They have been working for about a week now and Ginger can’t wait to see her new living room. Everyday she gets excited with the changes.

plasma mounts

About a week ago my sister had bought a Plasma TV. She put it on their bedroom. She is now looking for plasma mounts because her kids are keep on reaching the television. She’s scared that it might turn over and one of her children will be hurt. I also add that the plasma tv is not a toy and it’s expensive. She totally agreed with me.

student laptop insurance

My cousin had recently bought a laptop. If not for the sales clerk, she didn’t know that there is a student laptop insurance for students like her. She’s extremely happy with her new laptop. She really needs it for school research and projects. It is also convenient to use and she can bring it anywhere. She’s grateful that her dad had given her more than her usual allowance so she could buy her laptop.

Gulf Coast Jones Act

My friend’s brother is a Seaman. He had an accident about a month ago and they are now suing the company where he worked for because his benefits are not given to him. My friend had also told me about the Gulf Coast Jones Act, for those injured Seamen. I sympathize with her and told her that I’ll pray for her brother’s recovery.

best franchise opportunities

Ferdi is thinking of investing his money in a business venture. He had told his wife about this and she likes the idea. His wife is helping him to look for business opportunities. She is searching for the best franchise opportunities to give them ideas on what business to open. Ferdi had asked her if she’s okay with investing their money in franchise business. No problems with her as long as it will double their money.


My husband laughingly told me the gossip that he hears on his staff. One of his staff is using vigrx and is bragging about how big his soldier had become. We laughed and I asked if men really need to use that. It’s embarrassing to hear stories like that. What kind of guy he is that he can brag about his enhancement?

hair loss for women

My husband’s aunt is complaining about her thinning hair. She dropped by to give us her delicious spaghetti meatballs. She always gives us delicious foods that she cooks. She complained that she’s getting bald but for me, she’s not. I told her I read about hair loss for women and what product to use. She’s thankful for the information and had promised that she will bake a fruitcake for us.

best weight loss product

Lala is looking for best weight loss product to help her lose those extra pounds. She is having a hard time dieting and she is too busy to go to the gym. Her only option is to try diet pills and to exercise at home. She really wanted to become skinny. Her friends had recommended some slimming products and she will surely try it.


I went to the Asian store owned by my husband’s friend Jake. I bought some grocery items and upon paying, I saw that they are still using the tm-t88iv. It’s a receipt printer that we bought as a gift on the opening of the store. Jake saw me and we talked for a bit. I invited him and his wife for dinner and he said they will come.

Branson vacation

I received an invitation from my Aunt. The invitation is for my cousin’s debut. She will celebrate her birthday two weeks from now. I called my Aunt to tell her that we will come. We had talked for a while and I asked what my cousin wants to receive as a birthday gift. My Aunt told me not to bother and the only important thing is that we will attend. She also told me that my cousin will have a Branson vacation as their surprise gift to her. Lucky her!

Ferrari parts

Carlo, my eldest nephew, is into cars. My sister told me that Carlo would always help his dad whenever there are problems with the car and he is good with it. She also told me that his dream car right now is Ferrari. She even saw him studying Ferrari parts one time. I told her maybe one day he will buy one and when that happens, I will ask him to give me a ride around town.

xbox 360

My nephew who is requesting for ps3 as his birthday gift had called earlier to tell me that he wanted an xbox 360 instead. I told him that if he is good in school and he got high grades, I’ll buy one for him. He promised that he will study well and he also brags that he is the leader of their class. I told him that if keep it up he might get two gifts from me. He got excited about it.

adipex side effects

Aside from exercising, Mina had wanted to try diet pills. A friend of hers had recommended some diet pills. While searching for diet pills she saw adipex side effects and other side effects of diet pills. She really wants to lose weight fast. She’s been exercising everyday but the pounds that she lose is not enough so she wanted to try diet pills.

management services

I saw my cousin Will at one of the family reunions. He used to be this small, freckled boy but now, he’s the tallest among my cousins. He is an IT Major and graduating from College. He is talking to my husband when I approach them. He is telling my husband to visit this site for the company. We chatted for a bit before some of our aunts had called us. I’m glad to see my cousin Will again.

Friday, July 2, 2010

document management system

My sister-in-law had visited us last weekend and she told us about the document management system that she’s been handling. We talked about her work and how busy she is. She also talked about the kids and how they are in their school. I always like my sister-in-law. She’s kind and easy to be with. My kids always love to see her because she plays with them or give them surprise gifts.