Sunday, August 29, 2010

murano glass jewelry

When I went to my parents’ house to pick up my mom for our shopping day, my mom had invited me for a snack. She also showed me the murano glass jewelry that she bought. My mom and I had a thing for jewelry and whenever we buy a new one, we always showed each other what we have bought. We chatted for a bit before heading to the mall. Seeing those jewelry made me think of buying one.

sexy costumes

Jean is already planning on what to wear for the Halloween. Her friend will throw a big party and Jean is excited about it. She is already searching for sexy costumes because she wanted to flaunt her beautiful body. The other reason that she’s excited about it is that her major crush will be coming to the party. She really wanted to look sexy and beautiful on that day.


Freddie is thinking of using extenze because his friend who is using one is bragging to them about his ladies loving his new larger size. Freddie is really envy about all the talks with how the ladies loving it. There have been talks that his friend is just bragging about it but for him, you’ll never know. He’s curious and wanted to see if extenze will really make him bigger than ordinary size.

outdoor fireplace

My mom is thinking of buying an outdoor fireplace since she and dad loves to stay at the patio. She told me to accompany her to the mall to buy also the other stuffs that she needs. I volunteered to look for the fireplace because it’s much easier to order it online. I will still accompany her to the mall because I miss doing shopping with her. Mom and I love to buy kitchenware and I bet we will not return to our house without buying one.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

mini led christmas lights

I was going through with my things in my store room this morning when I found my mini led christmas lights. I have kept it in a box after Christmas last year. I am planning to put them on at the house by September next month. In the Philippines , ones the name of the month has “ber” some people starts decorating their houses already with Christmas decorations.

cell phone reviews

They say that Philippines is the cell phone texting capital of the world. Almost all Filipinos use cellular phones now a days. Even people who are street vendors or market vendors have a cell phone. cell phone reviews online is very helpful in these days because this provide information to users about the specification of a cell phone, new cell phone accessories, iphone or the latest news on cellular phones.

NC health insurance

I have an overseas call last night. It was my brother who is living in the United States . He has been there for almost ten years already. He works as an accounting staff in one of the accounting firm in North Calorina . Aside from working in the accounting firm he also has a part time job as a sales agent. He sells NC health insurance.

pull up bars

My brother has a mini fitness gym in his house. He bought his fitness equipments when he won the lottery last year. He has treadmill, exercise bike, kettlebells, barbell, pull up bars and bench press. During weekend I would go to his house and use his fitness equipment. It ‘s the only time I can exercise during the week because I am so busy during the week days.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I find my 2 year-old daughter funny whenever she spoke the word “diamonds”. She uttered the word as DAA-MONS. Good thing she don’t say demons because that has a different meaning. At her early age, her speech is still developing. She Even could not utter clearly the word “R”. Well, I am not surprise with it because my nephews and nieces had a hard time with this letter too.

Halloween costumes

Now that all souls day is fast approaching, we could see several Halloween costumes that are being displayed on malls and department stores in the city. Not only that, these stores are also decorated with Halloween motif. It always scared my kids to see those horrifying stuff on the walls and ceiling and even on the window display. But this do not hamper them from strolling on the mall during weekends.