Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ron’s friend, Alvin is telling him about hgh. Human growth hormone or hgh can help the body to become strong. Ron had noticed that his Alvin’s body had change. He used to be skinny but now he is all muscular and fit. Alvin also told him that he became energetic after taking hgh. Ron is thinking of using it, too. He’s a little bit envious of Alvin’s new body.


Lovi is using fat-burners to help her lose weight fast. Her friend had recommended it to her. Lovi needs to lose weight because she will be one of the hosts to her company’s 50th anniversary. She will wear an emerald color cocktail dress that will match her eyes. It’s a sexy dress and she wants to look fabulous on it. Lovi is hoping that she will lose weight in no time.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

food to burn fat

I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient and I am over weight. I am advised by my doctor to lose some weight because being heavy will mean more work for my knees and joints. I told my doctor that I am always watching the food I eat and I do walking for thirty minutes every morning but I just can't lose weight. He told me that he will give me list of food to burn fat. Maybe this will help me in losing weight.

do diet pills work

do diet pills work? Of it does work. I for one can say that it really work as long as you have chosen the right diet pill for you. A diet pill that works for me may not work for other person. That is why when we take diet pills it is kinda a trial and error because the one we are using may not be as effective as it is to other people.

safe weight loss pills

My father has gained weight over the past five years for 30 pounds. Now he is so determined in losing those extra pounds he has gained. Since he cannot do so much exercise he is taking a safe weight loss pills. After taking it in three weeks he has lost 13 pounds already. He is still on his journey in attaining his goal now. I wish I can make it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

natural male enhancement

While at the party of her boyfriend, Jenny heard that some of his friends were discussing about natural male enhancement. It’s so awkward to hear that so Jenny went outside where her friends are staying. She cannot believe that men would openly discuss something personal. They even laugh out loud and share some secrets that she didn’t want to hear. Well men is as much talkative as women.


Frida is telling her cousin about one way text links. Her cousin is a blogger like her and their blogs will benefit from it. Frida’s cousin is an amateur to blogging world so she is helping her around. She told her cousin that because of blogging she was able to meet new friends. She also told her about blogging awards and she proudly told her that she got one last year. For Frida, blogging is the most stress buster ever!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Canon camera

I recently bought a Canon camera since photography is becoming my hobby. I love taking pictures of my two adorable daughters. They would always strike a pose whenever they saw me holding the camera. How could you resist taking pictures of two beautiful girls? They grow so fast and I wanted to capture every happening in their lives. Right now, camera is one of the most important gadgets for me so I really invest in a good one.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

health care career

My cousin is in her senior year in high school. She wants to try to take up Medicine in college. Her mom who is a nurse had told her of the many opportunities in health care career. She is correct because the demands in medical field are very high. My cousin is also a good candidate because she’s very studious, patient and has a will to help those who need help.