December 25, 2012

WW: Merry Christmas!!!

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December 19, 2012

Weddings, Gambles and the Whole Lot Enchilada – Las Vegas

When you want a word class service for hotels and get an ultimate fun and excitement from all those city buzz, then Las Vegas could be your destination for this summer. Enjoy the worlds exciting casinos, boxing and MMA arena as well as five star hotels.

When you talk about boxing and MMA sport, Mandalay Bay hotel and casino is something that you should consider. Famous boxers and MMA fighters have played in this hotel where they earned their fame and fortune at the same time.

With over 3,300 luxury rooms that you can stay in, Mandalay Bay gives you the pleasure to be in a five star hotel and services that other popular names and personalities had also received.

Mandalay Bay does not only give you a luxurious casino and rooms but also offers Shark Reef where you can enjoy watching with a glass of white wine. Their famous spas also highlight the hotel to pamper you on those sweet and elegant rooms.

You would also want to experience those sweet and romantic night for your wedding as they cater your needs in luxury and elegance with their wedding chapel. The chapel is also popular in giving romantic tropical set-up and themes however it is not as cheap as the other chapel in Las Vegas.

December 18, 2012

Drop Box

I just installed my drop box. It is amazing! I never imagined that there would be a friendly thing like this. It won’t be a problem anymore saving my files and forgetting my flash drive. It’s all there. Just drop it and you’ll find it! This is now the answer to my problem on saving and transferring files. Sometimes I don’t intentionally delete my files because of so many times copy, paste, save… I usually have head ache searching for a file that was mistakenly deleted or saved to another computer.

I think this will be best for everyone. I’ll try to suggest to my sister-in-law who always borrow my laptop and end up leaving her so many files that almost consumed my memory. This is really the best solution. Goodbye now to my old style copying and saving. Hello to a new solution!

December 15, 2012

Top Wedding Destinations to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Getting married is the best moment of anyone’s life so a number of top wedding destinations should be considered before choosing one, to make the wedding unforgettable. You could find top resorts for your wedding that offer free weddings facilities with 24 hour room service. Going to a peaceful place like a beach or an island may be the perfect idea to make the memories wonderful. Rarotonga in Cook Islands, Muir Beach in California, Lizard Island in Australia, Little palm Island in Florida and Sandals Negril in Jamaica are one of the best wedding destinations in the world.

While looking for top wedding destinations, prefer the one that offers quality services and which is located at some exquisite place. Make sure they also provide wedding flowers, suitable music, reception meal and wedding cake besides other necessary services. The price might increase with every additional increase but this is not the case in the areas that are famous because they have competitive rates. Look for a resort that offers quality accommodation services for your friends and relatives who are with you to share your happiness. From the top wedding destinations, choose the one that has good reputation in the area for its quality and economical services.

December 11, 2012

Digital camera

I longed for a digital camera for so long. Every program of my kids at school, I always rush to borrow a camera from anyone available. There are times that the usual cameras that I was borrowing are not available, so I pity my kids with no pictures on those special occasions, that I haven’t captured the best photographs that should be kept and remembered. I needed to buy our own.

I promised myself to save and buy one before the school year ends. As months passed, I bought a digicam. I was very happy as well as my kids. No more rushing and borrowing. I have all the time to take pictures; I can now save the best. Thanks to those who lend me their cams. You’ll be blessed!

December 4, 2012

Busuanga Island

Busuanga Island is known as one of the best diving spots here in the Philippines due to the 12 WWII Japanese wreckage that were sunk by American Navy bombings in Coron Bay. Despite its beautiful view, it is still well-preserved since it remains remote and rarely visited by local and foreign tourists. Upon touchdown at the airport, take a 45-minute to 1 hour shuttle trip to the town proper (Coron). Calauit Game Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to visit in Busuanga. If you want a hiking experience, you can get to the top of a 900-step staircase to Mt. Tapyas. Be sure to start hiking at 4 pm so you will be able to catch the sunset on top of this mountain. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy in Busuanga. Food is never a problem in this place.

Bistro Coron has its best pizza in town. It also serves Italian meal which is reputed to be the best in the place. Vegetable omelette with the famous danggit (dried fish) at Balay Majika is great for breakfast. You can also try halo-halo in MS Eatery. Night life in Busuanga is best too. You can unwind and listen to the sound of the water at La Serenitta Restaurant and if you want more entertainment, drop in at Otto’s Pub Bar and Resto for Austro-German specialties and music. For souvenirs, take home Palawan’s cashew nuts and dried fish available in their market. This place is a great way for an escapade but before traveling here, be sure to leave home with the basics—mosquito repellent and sunblock, that is…