December 19, 2012

Weddings, Gambles and the Whole Lot Enchilada – Las Vegas

When you want a word class service for hotels and get an ultimate fun and excitement from all those city buzz, then Las Vegas could be your destination for this summer. Enjoy the worlds exciting casinos, boxing and MMA arena as well as five star hotels.

When you talk about boxing and MMA sport, Mandalay Bay hotel and casino is something that you should consider. Famous boxers and MMA fighters have played in this hotel where they earned their fame and fortune at the same time.

With over 3,300 luxury rooms that you can stay in, Mandalay Bay gives you the pleasure to be in a five star hotel and services that other popular names and personalities had also received.

Mandalay Bay does not only give you a luxurious casino and rooms but also offers Shark Reef where you can enjoy watching with a glass of white wine. Their famous spas also highlight the hotel to pamper you on those sweet and elegant rooms.

You would also want to experience those sweet and romantic night for your wedding as they cater your needs in luxury and elegance with their wedding chapel. The chapel is also popular in giving romantic tropical set-up and themes however it is not as cheap as the other chapel in Las Vegas.

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