Friday, January 20, 2012

for Valentine's Day 2012

Phil is looking forward for Valentine's Day 2012. He is planning to pop the most important question that every woman wants to hear. He is planning to propose to his girlfriend of five years. His girlfriend doesn’t have any idea because he let her think that marriage is not for him. Well, it is and Phil loves her and is looking forward for her to become his future wife.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

ms70 gold eagles

One thing I love in my job is I get to travel to different places when we conduct special audit engagement. I can also travel when I attend seminars. Last month I had the chance to go to Manila to attend a seminar for all auditors. I met new friends while I was there for one week. One of the friend I met was a coin collector. She said that she have been collecting coins for almost fifteen years. She collects Philippine currency coins and also foreign currency. She even have ms70 gold eagles.

report engine

I work as a store manager in one of the computer store here in our place. We sell all kinds of information technology (IT) products and its accessories. One of our newest product is the report engine. It’s a tool that let IT professionals to make complicated production reports that one can set up for desktop based or even server based applications. I like my job as a manager and I enjoy it even though sometimes there’s pressure when my monthly sales is not that high.

michael kors watch

My high school best friend is working as a nurse in the United States. She have been working there for five years and her family was able to follow her one year after she started working in the U.S. Even though we were very far away from each other already, we never stop our communication. And every Christmas I would receive a package from her. Last Christmas she gave me michael kors watch. It’s a beautiful watch and I like it very much.

cash drawer

I have been working as an auditor in our government for the past 12 years. I started as a clerk in our regional office at the Caraga Region for three years. My assignment was all clerical work. Then I got transferred in Region X. It was there that I was assigned to work in the field where I do audit work. We conduct cash examination to the cashier or accountable officers. When conducting cash count we (the auditors) are not allowed to open the cash drawer of the cashier. They will be the one to get the money and give them to us for counting.