June 24, 2012

business insurance rates

Nica is searching for business insurance rates. Her sister is asking for her help with this one. Her sister has a shop and of course insurance is a must for every business. Nica remembers a friend who works in an insurance firm. She will contact her friend and tell her about her sister. She hopes to help her sister and at the same time she will also help her friend get another client.

melissa and doug puzzles

Tiffany bought melissa and doug puzzles for her nieces. She saw those wood puzzles while strolling at the mall. These puzzles are perfect for her growing nieces. These high-quality, hand-crafted wooden puzzles are impossible for children to put away. They have a wide selection which includes classic jigsaw puzzles, peg puzzles, and knob puzzles. As well as puzzles with special features like those that have built in sounds and lights, and even puzzles with textured fabrics! Her nieces will surely love them!

cigar boxes for sale

Seth saw the cigar boxes for sale and he bought one for himself and another one for his dad. He loves smoking cigars because it relaxes him. He and his friends will hang out and will play cards this Friday. A cigar is what he will need while playing cards. Some of his friends also smoke but he is the one who loves cigars. He got it from his dad who always smokes after dinner when he was a kid. Now they share the same likes.

June 19, 2012

Aria Guitars

Joey is telling his dad to buy him an Aria Guitars. His dad gave in but they had a deal. He needs to have good grades for his dad to buy him one. Joey made his promise and he hopes that he will pull through. He really wanted a guitar and loves

scrapbook supplies

Susan bought scrapbook supplies online. She will start doing scrapbooking. A few days ago she saw tons of pictures and other stuffs that she collected over the years. She organized her collections and with the picture, she wants to put them in a scrap book. Susan is excited to start decorating and designing those pictures. It will be surely fun! She hopes that it will not eat her time because from what she heard, scrapbooking will make you lost track of time.

Klim Revolt Jersey

Timothy received a Klim Revolt Jersey from his brother. It is an advance gift for his birthday. Essential to every good ride is having the right equipment. The Revolt Jersey fits that bill from its ability to wick moisture created while riding hard keeping the rider dry and comfortable to its rider specific patterning that allows the rider to move without any restriction or binding. This is the jacket that he wants and he is happy that his brother remembered it.

barcode scanners

Debra is looking for barcode scanners because she needs one for her boutique. Lately there are many customers that she is thinking of opening a new counter for payments. She is really happy that business is doing good! She hopes that it will continue throughout the year. There are lots of teenagers buying things from her boutique and she’s really hoping that there will be more.

custom name plates

Tania saw the custom name plates that their department ordered. She saw her name plate and she likes it. It fits her new office well! She was recently promoted as a supervisor and she’s thrilled by it. She was actually surprised with the promotion because she was just working there for a year. Tania is happy because her boss probably saw the things that she can do and how good she is!

June 9, 2012

baby shower table decorations

It’s the baby shower party of our officemate last night. The baby shower table decorations were not that very sophisticated. It was colorful and yet it was simple. For added fun there were baby pictures of the expectant parents. Decorating a baby shower table is very important because it will provide a main point at the party and tie together the entire theme. There were games also during the shower and at the end of the party we all had fun especially the mother-to-be.