July 31, 2012

fire table

Sally is looking at the fire table on her sister’s house. She was invited for dinner and their family was also there. They dine at the patio and then her sister and her husband announces the pregnancy. Everyone is excited and thrilled when they heard the news. Sally is so happy that finally she will be an aunt. She will be the great Aunt Sally to her future nieces and nephews.

July 22, 2012

canadian maple leaf

I have been a coin collector since I was in high school and that was almost twenty years ago. It all started with collecting local coins and which are still in circulation during that time. It never came to my mind to collect old coins and foreign coins, not until when I had a college professor in one of my minor subjects. She shared and showed us her coin collections. It was then that I got more interested in collecting different kinds of coins. At present I have a Philippine coin that is 97 years old. I also have foreign coins like silver canadian maple leaf coin, US dollar coins and many more.

custom lapel pins

It is Sunday today and I have nothing to do at home after going to church early in the morning. I am alone at the house because my two housemates went home to their province. I just listened to my favorite music and read my books which I have not opened for a long time. After spending a few hours reading my books, I slept for an hour. Then after having lunch I opened my computer and search online for custom lapel pins. My boss has asked me to look for a nice design for our sports group.

designer jewelry

My friend is a jewelry lover and she owns a lot of them. Most of her jewelries were given to her as a gift from her elder sister or from her husband. Sometimes if she has extra money especially during December when we received our Christmas bonus she will buy through the internet in an exclusive designer jewelry collections online store. She my friend said that her jewelries have really helped her in times of financial needs because she can pawn them in the pawnshop if she badly needs money for the tuition fees of her children.

Retail System

Are you looking for a new Retail System or otherwise known as point of sale hardware for your retail business? It is important to know first the needs of your store, especially the unique needs you have for your business whether it’s just a small retail business or a big one. You can also research online on how to choose the right point of sale system. They will even help you on how to get features that you will need in your retail software.

July 8, 2012

sterling silver jewelry

Paolo is looking for sterling silver jewelry for his girlfriend. He wants to give her something that she will love for their anniversary. His girl loves jewelries and clothes. He doesn’t know about clothes so to be safe, he will just buy jewelry. Paolo is happy that their relationship is getting stronger. He is hoping that she is the one for him.

plus size special occasion dress

Jenny is looking for plus size special occasion dress. She will attend a friend’s wedding and of course, she wants to be pretty. Thank God because Jenny can now browse for her dress without leaving her home. She will just order her size and color that she wants. Then her dress will be delivered as she placed the order, that easy! Jenny is hoping to find a cute dress that will make her more pretty!

ja90 telecaster

Henry is excited to buy ja90 telecaster. He browses for it at the web. He learned that Jim Adkins cheerfully challenged Fender by throwing down the gauntlet of designing his perfect electric guitar, a collaboration began that resulted in the Fender JA-90 Telecaster. Fender sat down with Adkins and went over his old Fender TC-90 spec by spec, making some important changes that subsequently produced this unique new model. The Jim Adkins Telecaster guitar has a mahogany neck set into a semi-hollow ash body. This is the ultimate guitar for Henry and he cannot wait to held one.

July 3, 2012

life insurance no medical

The couple has coughs and cold and are both scheduled to get their life insurance plans within the next two days. Good thing they are both getting life insurance no medical plans as their coughs and cold might become a hindrance. The couple needs their life insurance plans for a project they will have to be a part of. Without the insurance plans, they won’t be allowed to be a party to it.

sheer curtain panels

Cherry bought sheer curtain panels for her brand new townhouse. She is very choosy in what enters her house and only the panels passed her meticulous taste in window treatments. She will have curtains custom made for her by the best curtain maker in the city. She can’t wait for all her windows to don the custom made curtains she has in mind.


For some reason known only to him, Gio installed a subwoofer in his SUV. It’s now blaring rap music whenever he’s in the vicinity. His father told him to just put the subwoofer in the entertain room of the family house but he refused saying that he needs his rap music whenever he’s out of the house. Why it has to blare so loud only he can answer.

BSA Compliance

Mandy is very new in the banking industry. She still has a lot to learn about it. She was trained in teller transactions and processes. And now she will be attending a BSA Compliance event. Her bosses would want her to attend one so she was requested to appear before the boss for approval. She is the strongest bet to become an officer right after the event. Mandy can’t wait to grab the chance to shine at an early age!

storage lockers

The storage lockers are installed at the back of the gym. It will be exclusively used by the athletes of the university. Some kindhearted individuals donated their hard earned money for the lockers to be bought and installed. They know how the athletes are underfunded. They deserve it but since funds are at its lowest right now... It’s really a blessing there are generous souls within the area.

fire hose

Scared was an understatement when you describe the people from the neighborhood where the fire happened. The people were shocked! Good thing the men were all alert and helped the firemen put out the fire. They helped with the fire hose and even had pails of water being passed from one man to another. In the end, three houses were burned down. Some houses also got burned but not gutted out. They were just all thankful that no one got hurt.

prescription sunglasses

My sister will be going on an out of country trip with her former boss. They became friends when they were working alongside each other and even now that they are no longer officemates, their friendship remained. Both ladies will be bringing their prescription sunglasses with them. Yes, both ladies have poor eyesight. That’s one thing in common they have. They have a hundred more! They bond over books, music, gadgets, travels, and many more that they can’t count anymore.