February 27, 2013

Where to Find New York’s Top Independent Bookstores

The digital revolution has no doubt improved certain parts of our personal, social and professional lives, but when it comes to books, a vast divide lies between technology and hardback. With the introduction of online libraries, downloadable novels and e-readers, bookstores are on the decline with consumers choosing to keep their entire collection in their handbag. It is true that the iPad, Kindle Fire and a number of other tablet devices have reduced the need for printing books, but many believe that there is nothing more satisfying than the smell and feel of a good paperback. Furthermore, what happens to the first edition rat-race once everything goes digital?

Bookstores are an important part of our society, and provide a link to the past as well as an avenue for the advancement of literature. New York has some of the best bookstores in the world, so let’s take a look at some of the best literature hubs the Big Apple has to offer.

The Housing Works Used Book Café

Modern bookstores offer a brief ‘in-out’ service, where customers hastily make decisions based on social trends and hardback fashion. The Housing Works Used Book Café however provides the classic bookstore experience, offering customers the chance to sit, read, and sip coffee to their heart’s content. Furthermore, all proceeds earned from this bookstore go towards fighting the battle of AIDS and homelessness – a cause that no e-reader can compete with. With admission to the Housing Works Used Book Café based on a small donation, the store is usually packed with people looking for that perfect weekend read. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the house band!


Tucked away in the Greenpoint suburbs of Brooklyn, Word is a little gem of a bookstore. This is everything a bookstore should be, and among its colourful interior, customers will find a variety of new and old books for children and adults alike. The staff are ever so friendly, and it’s comforting to know that a bookstore still caters for the younger mind. From educational reading to basic novels and picture books, Word is a super-cosy, non-profit organisation hell-bent on offering the best reading experience in New York. This store is certainly worth its weight in books!

Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books

If you’re looking for a bookstore with a sense of humour, then this is the shop for you. Despite its long, political and hilarious name, this bookstore is anything but ‘out there’ – in fact, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you were looking for a small, cramped and dusty bookstore! At prices you can actually afford to pay, this shop is great value for money, and although it may not house some of the latest hardbacks on the market, it’s certainly full of all the classics you’d expect to find in a book store. Perfect for a reader on a budget, Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books is unfashionable, untidy and uninteresting bookstore. But if you like your classic literature, then there is nowhere better in the city. The article is a guest post composed by Jenny Loris writing for the flight comparison website Cheapflights who offer the cheapest flights in America.

February 24, 2013

Las Vegas’s Most Popular Casinos

Las Vegas itself is already a famous place. It’s featured in movies and television shows. It conjures up images of limousines, high rollers and luxurious lifestyles. And among the casinos located throughout Las Vegas, there are some that really stand out in people’s minds. One of these is the Venetian. It looms larger than life with more than four thousand rooms, more than a hundred gaming tables and thousands of slot machines. As its name suggests, the architecture of this casino is inspired by the Renaissance, and frescoes are painted on its ceilings. It also has its own Grand Canal, and if you’re in the mood, you can catch a trip down the canal in an authentic Venetian gondola.

Another well-known casino is the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This place has an Egyptian theme, complete with its own huge pyramid from which a shaft of light is pointed at the sky. It even comes with its own Sphinx. A third popular casino is the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. This place has thousands of slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables. It has restaurants from well-known chefs. And it’s the site of concerts as well as high profile boxing matches. This place is in fact the largest casino complex in the entire world.

February 17, 2013

The Best Hotels in China

China is fast growing to be one of the centers for world commerce and business activity. It has also always been one of the places steeped in history and culture and therefore a tourist favorite. If you’re looking to visit China, here are some of the hotels you can consider. There’s the Fairmont in Beijing. It offers convenience in the sense that it is located close to public transportation. So if you’d like to visit places like the Forbidden City, transportation won’t be an issue. The rooms themselves are big, and come with such amenities as iPod docks and large closets and bathrooms. It also has a good but reasonably priced restaurant and a spa.

If you’d like something a bit more out of the way, you can take a look at the Songtsam Tacheng Hotel. It’s located in Northern Yunnan, and it’s close to the Tibetan plateau. There are only 9 rooms in this place so you can be assured of a more intimate experience. The area is more peaceful, set away from China’s bustling urban centers. Here, you can enjoy wondrous views of mountains and valleys. Inside, the rooms have beautiful views of the surrounding area, and in line with the idea of getting away from it all, there are no televisions.

February 11, 2013

The World’s Coolest Hotel Bathrooms

When people are looking for a hotel to book, bathrooms are important but they’re not usually the main selling point. But for some hotels, the bathrooms are actually one of their star attractions. Now, if you’re in the mood for some luxury, you can check out the Ritz in Paris. The bathrooms in that hotel are opulent and luxurious. Imagine faucets shaped to look like swans, and covered in gold leaf. Gold leaf in fact is everywhere, as well as marble. Putting on one of the lush robes will make you feel like a movie star.

Another hotel with interesting bathrooms is the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai. There’s also marble everywhere and a huge tub. But what really catches people’s attention is the fact that the bathroom has windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling, all along one side of the room. The view is lovely. You can see clusters of skyscrapers on the other side of the Huangpu River. It might not be that great a choice if you’re shy about your baths. But the thought of relaxing in the tub while you can see so much of the city across the river is pretty cool.

February 6, 2013

Benefits of Using Performance Controller for Music

It is always important for a musician and a recording artist or studio to have the best equipment that they can provide to their audience and clients. That is why these professionals always look for akai apc40. Using this controller gives an effective synchronization to every sound and melody that comes out of every instrument. The controller is easy to use and may be able to fill up to several cables that it is connected to and can immediately send out data to the computer

Using this device on a dark stage is also easy because the every key features a surrounding light that illuminates the dials and the controls when there is a need to change of settings. Also, most professionals find it easy to use and accurate. This is because the dials are covered with rubber and fits and turns perfectly as it s being adjusted to make an even and enchanting effect every time it is used.

Important Things to Bring When Visiting London

Going to London had always brings out the fire in your from thinking on some of the best places that you can visit. Although there are lots of places that you can go to, you will not be disappointed if you know that you can see some of the world’s famous faces from celebrities to royalties. But before going to London here are some things for you to bring.
  1. Formal Suites – visiting to London is something grand and spectacular and what you wear is also important. Wearing black tie and a formal dress is the utmost important things you could bring because London is all about formality and sophistication. However you should also bring clothes that you are comfortable with. You will need these formal dresses and black suits when entering their famous buildings because you might see your favorite stars and meet up with the royalties and wearing your casual attire just won do.
  2. Umbrella – although this might seem funny, you should really bring or purchase one. London has extremely unpredictable weather changes and could easily get you wet if it rains.
  3. Travel list – make sure where you want to go when your in London because there are hundreds of places that you can visit thus you need to keep on time the whole time that you’re in London.
Of course, you still need to bring your passport, ID, extra cash and the whole lot enchilada but that is just some of the things that you already knew.

Hiking Boots Quality Check and Specifications

It is unusual for a hiker to choose a hiking boots without knowing its quality and specifications. Identifying such features in a boots can help them compute its durability and their distance as to how it will stand all terrains that they could possibly go in to. As such, Lowa Zephyr is best known for its quality as product craftsmanship in providing a high performance and an all terrain uses. What is spectacular and unique about this boots is it is handcrafted by professional shoemakers in Europe.

It is important for each hiker to feel comfortable with the boots they are wearing as is able to control the climate to keep them warm during a cold weather and cool in hot climates. Special features such as air vents in each boot should also be present to maximize the comfort as well as provide freshness to the hiker. Such boots are essential to every hiker and should be purchased for their own benefit.

What to Do in Barcelona and What to Visit First

La Ramblas Barcelona, Spain, a place where you can relax and experience the fascinating and the world’s famous boulevard. Going to Barcelona is something you can always treasure in your heart because of the captivating scenery and artistry of the people. Here are the reasons why you should go to La Ramblas.

Spending a day in Barcelona is not enough to explore the whole scenery and majestic views of the city. However, you can visit La Rambas, a famous boulevard where you get to see and entertained in a 1 mile walk in the boulevard which gives you different views of sculpture, art exhibits and some of the world’s famous and expensive cafés and restaurants. There are different types of flowers that will welcome you with their freshness and light fragrance as well as famous cuisines that you would die for.

Be entertained with the different human statues in almost every street performing when you are around however purchasing a soda would not be too cheap for you. The transportation in La Ramblas is easy to find and while riding or walking the alley you can see the Liceu Theater. So when you are in Barcelona, Spain, do not forget to visit the famous boulevard and experience happiness in a simple yet majestic way.

Fashion and Style

Most tourists may sometimes get what they wanted of what they think they wanted after visiting the great domes and attractions in Paris. But that would be less memorable because they are missing so much than just these pieces of magnificent structures. Here are some things you should do after visiting these attractions.  

Cafés – have a romantic sip of the famous white wine and champagne and enjoy the ambiance of Paris. The fresh scent of flowers from different perfumes as well as the moist air gives you a relaxing time to spend to your love one while enjoying those classic blends of latte and freshly brewed espresso.  

Restaurants – have at least one time experience to one of their famous restaurants and savor the home land and sweet taste of your all time favorite spaghettis. Smell and taste newly bakes croissants from local bakeries and restaurants.  

Shopping – when you’re in Paris, all you have to think of aside from the attractions is fashion. Widely known for some of the world’s famous fashion trends of vintage and contemporary designs like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and many more, your shopping experience would simply be too amazing for you to understand.

Fashion Week – since Paris is almost everything but fashion, cuisines and attractions it is a great chance for you to watch their fashion shows. Popular designers from all across the globe gathered to entertain you with their latest designs.

Making Everything Clear with Progressive Glasses

It is always a hassle to find something you want to read in broad daylight but only to realize that you cannot see properly with those blurry eyes. Of course, you would then go to an eye specialist to examine it and would find out that you have to pay for expensive glasses just to be able to read again. And don’t forget that you also have to wait for a long time for these glasses to be available for your use. However, your wait can be solved by searching the internet for cheap progressive glasses.

These glasses are safe for children as well as adults of almost any eye grades you have. But make sure that you purchase the appropriate eye grades that are required for your eye sight. The glasses may also come in different style and sizes as well as colors that will match your personality as well as the type of clothing you are wearing.

Looking Like Indiana Jones – Cowboy Hat Collection

So you think looking like Indiana Jones is difficult? Well, for some reasons, being a treasure hunter and a cowboy itself is a little bit rough than being a stable girl but every outfit that will make you look like a true adventurer or a cowboys requires a good quality and durable Felt Cowboy Hats. Of course, wearing a cowboy hat is everything to Mr. Jones and you can also have that same feel. Selecting the hats is easy and there are so many selections that you can find online which features different designs, fit and colors.

Cowboy hats design also varies to the wearer. Most of these hats that are designed for men looked more masculine and a little too detailed than the women. There may also be some intricate details found in the hats such as felt sequins, felt ropes, silver plates and many more. Some cowboy hats are even made of straw that is just right for farmers and tourists.