March 30, 2013

5 Weird but Cool Things to Do in Miami

Miami has all the spaz that you would expect it to have, with tanning beauties blanketing its beaches, neon lights fronting the club scene, and a tropical vibe in which it stews relaxingly, and sometimes in Spanish. You’ll probably get to know the popular Miami right away and there are enough articles out there already that can tell you where to go. So we thought it more prudent to add to the lacking archive of articles about the stuff you can do off the beaten path. Those terms rightly describe the following 5 places, which we highly recommend.

Art Basel

One of the world’s most renowned art shows takes place in Miami. In fact, it is THE premier art show on the planet for contemporary and modern art. Here, critics, collectors, museum curators and curious art enthusiasts gather to see the newest works on the art world stage. Art Basel takes place both in its founding town of Basel, South of Miami, and also during winter in Miami Beach itself. If you have even the slightest inkling to appreciate modern art, then this is the best place on the globe to do it.

Manatee Tour

There are several operations that propose a day trip out onto the blue waters of the city to find manatees. If ever there was a big friendly bear of a creature in the ocean, it would be the manatee. Their big tail fin flipper and two steadying flippers, sticking out from their plump bodies, and their cute crunched faces and little black eyes make them very interesting creatures to look at. If you have kids, this weird but cool outing will be especially memorable.

Coral Castle

The history of Coral Castle dates back to the broken heart of a Latvian man, who, when he moved to Homestead, Florida, decided to begin a decades-long work of eccentrics that resulted in a property filled with huge limestone carvings. It’s a tourist attraction, and on a tour you will hear the many legends surrounding Edward Leedskalnin’s creations. The man worked during the first part of the 20th century, never allowing anyone to observe him as he carved. Some say he used telekinesis!

Miccosukee Indian Village

Now here’s a place that can bring the historical aspect of any trip to Miami to life. Before the all-night clubs, before “South Beach” and even before the Spanish, there were the Muccosukee. This preserved Native American village harkens back to a time before the New World was referred to as such. Located in the Everglades, it will cost you a day trip, but once there you will discover the history of the tribe, its clothing, ancient artifacts, paintings, woodwork and even age-old photographs.

Laundry Bar

If you’re in Miami traveling, you will be partying at a bar eventually. If you’re traveling, you will have to visit a laundromat to wash your clothes. Why not do both? Open at 7am, the Laundry Bar starts serving drinks at noon, 7 days a week, and every hour is happy. You’ll find this peculiar establishment in Miami Beach, and the bizarre mix of experiences it provides will stay with you forever.

Staying in Miami doesn’t have to be a rehashing of others’ experiences. Check out these 5 special things to do and you will have a more involved story to tell friends back home. And don’t forget, HostelBookers is the best place to find budget accommodation in Miami.

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