March 26, 2013

I am a Hoarder but I Want to Change

I have been a hoarder for my whole life. I buy items or pieces of clothing and I keep them for my life. I never throw anything away. I just feel that throwing items away is a waste of time and money and you never know when you might need the item that you have just thrown away.

There is no order to my hoarding. My house is stuffed floor to ceiling with what some people would call, junk. My living room has a path way of space leading to the couch and the television set but then all other space is filled with clothing that I can’t throw away. My kitchen and bedrooms are the same. I am not as bad as some people though. I go to a support group on a Friday afternoon and some of those people can’t even throw away trash. They keep empty bottles and empty packages just in case they might need it for something.

As a result of attending this support group, I have decided to take control of my life. I want to change and to be able to throw these items away. I don’t want to live in a pile of junk anymore. I want a nice home. I am currently looking for New Zealand Companies to help me clear my home of clutter or possible help me sell some of the items for a bit of extra money. I am eager to get started and I am hopeful I will get the correct help.

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