March 24, 2013

World’s Longest Bus Debuts in Dresden

It looks like Germany has taken the crown for the record of the world’s longest bus. How long is it, you ask? Consider the fact that the bus is more than a hundred feet long. It can seat more than 250 passengers in all, and the bus itself is divided into three sections. It can run on electricity for long periods at a time. And there’s actually a lot of technology inside the bus, allowing it to travel and maneuver even on regular roads. In fact, its maneuverability can rival even regular buses. Interest in the bus is high, and cities as far away as Beijing and Shanghai are interested in having the bus on their own streets.

The idea behind the bus is that it can transport large numbers of people within cities, but it is cheaper to operate than a train. In that sense, it combines the capacity of trains with the mobility of buses. It can offer cities another option when it comes to giving commuters an alternative way of getting around. Another advantage is that bus drivers will not need to learn a new way to operate the vehicle. A computer is in charge of making sure that the last two sections of the bus properly follow the first section. Once all the safety tests that need to be run are completed, these buses might start popping up in other places as well.

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