April 2, 2013

5 Best Restaurants In Australia For Seafood Lovers

People who enjoy seafood are very particular about where they eat. Australia has some of the most renowned seafood restaurants in the world. It doesn’t matter what dish you crave, you are sure to find it at one of the country’s excellent seafood establishments. Here are a few of the better ones for you to choose from:

1. Rockpool

The Rockpool has a staff that consists of some of the most talented chefs in all of Sydney. You will feel like a dignitary from the second you walk into this establishment. Whether it’s the constant parade of celebrities, carpeted walkway, thick white table clothes or ultra-chic interior, an evening at Rockpool will be one that you will not soon forget. Chefs Phil Wood and Neil Perry will be in charge of delighting your taste buds.

2. Fish Face

If you are looking for a seafood restaurant that has a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for takeaway or the casual drop in, then Fish Face is where you want to be. It is far from the standard fish ‘n’ chips restaurant. Brilliantly prepared takes on many classic dishes will be served to you at tall tables with high chairs. The place is packed with locals on most nights, so there is a good chance that you may need to wait for a table to open up. There is a pub located next door for you to kill time at while you are waiting. If you want quality seafood at a reasonable price, give Fish Face a try.

3. Nick’s Seafood Restaurant

You will usually need to make a reservation to ensure yourself a table at this popular seafood joint. The views of the lovely Darling Harbour are the best of any restaurant in the area. This is definitely an upscale establishment that caters to a fine dining crowd. Outdoor and indoor seating are available. Fresh lobster mornay, calamari and grilled baby barramundi are just a few of the delicious dishes that await you.

4. Orso Bayside Restaurant

Bayside dining at its finest. You will love to take in the view from the balcony that hangs over the water. It provides terrific views of the harbour. The scene is set with dark wood and cool tones. These help to create an atmosphere that is refreshing and relaxed. Zucchini frittata, prawn tortellini and seared fillet of Tasmanian salmon with crab are all prepared to perfection every night.

5. Sea Treasure

This Cantonese style seafood restaurant is located in the middle of North Sydney. The delicate flavours of your favorite are never overwhelmed by the unique Cantonese way that the dishes are prepared. Yum cha and mud crab with chili sauce are two of the more popular dishes on their lunch and dinner menus.

After wandering though Sydney’s finest restaurants, head further south to Tasmania where they pride themselves on the freshest seafood available. If you don’t have a lot of time but are interested, consider taking tours in Tasmania as this will be the most efficient way to experience the most in a short amount of time.

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