Being an Employee, a Mother and a Wife

Rochelle is a fulltime government employee for almost ten years. She is also a mother of one lovely baby and she would always manage her time to fulfill her multiple roles in her family and her work. She spends her day at the office and interacts with different kinds of people with different kinds of cases everyday. Sometimes, she would be very stressed as she goes home at night; but she still spends some time to take care of her baby and her husband.

Whenever Rochelle have spare time, she would go shopping together with her baby, her husband and her sister. She would shop for some garments that she’ll need everyday in her office. Her sister had recommended her to use the full seat riding jeans so she’ll be more comfortable at work. Her sister had also bought the same garment weeks ago and she was really happy with the result. Now, Rochelle is confident to be a loyal government employee and loving mother and wife.

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