Best in Hotel Architecture

Brazil is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in the world with its lush rural settings and adventure-filled landscapes. It is also home to the luxurious Hotel Fasano Boa Vista that characterizes this dream Utopia for newlyweds. Located in the scenic and tranquil Porto Feliz, which is just about 100 kilometers from the bustling Sao Paolo City, Hotel Fasano can be reached via the Castello Branco Highway. It is one of the luxury resorts that bring pride to the country.

The resort offer a lot of vacation and leisure activities for the couple that ranged from sports to a relaxing spa. The amenities include a golf course, tennis courts, petting zoo, kids club, Equestrian center, kayak facilities, sauna, heated pools, and a fitness center. A view of the lake and beautiful landscapes are perfectly matched to the relaxing architectural design of the hotel structure. The Hotel Fasano Boa Vista has been awarded as the Best Hotel Architecture in 2012 by the International Hotel Awards.

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