Finding the Right Instrument

Carlos was brand new to a high school in New Jersey. All of Carlos’ life he wanted to find something that he could be great at so he could make his parents proud. During his first couple of weeks at school, he decided to try out for the school’s basketball team. During try outs Carlos could tell that basketball was not the right sport for him. All of the other players were taller than he was and he was not that great of a shooter. He then decided to try out for the school’s band. The band seemed to instantly take a liking to Carlos and he made lots of friends during the first day.

He felt like the band might be the best place for him after all. The only thing that remained was finding the right instrument to play. He looked at different violins and flutes, but decided to buy takamine guitar. As he played the guitar, he felt a instant surge of happiness. Carlos knew he had found his instrument and returned to school the next day to show everyone. He became a big hit at the school and grew to be very popular. At the schools fist concert Carlos showed just how great he was by performing for the entire school. At the end of his performance he got a standing ovation and cheers from all of his classmates.

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