The Bicycle Life in Japan

Bicycles can be a great way to get around Japan. You get to exercise. You experience the sun and the wind in your face. And you can stop whenever you want to check something out. Residents of Japan make good use of bikes to get around, whether they’re heading for work, school or the train. If you plan to ride a bike around, there are some things you’ll want to know. For instance, technically you’re supposed to ride on the road. But that said, you’ll often see bikers making their way down city sidewalks. So keep this in mind. Because many people bike on the sidewalks, it becomes a matter of courtesy to bike slowly, always mindful of pedestrians and people walking.

Also, if you need to find a place to leave your bike, check out train stations and shopping malls. They usually have some form of parking area for the exclusive use of bikers. For instance, at the Kyoto station, there are bike racks where thousands of bikes can park. If you choose to park your bike somewhere where it isn’t allowed, know that you’re running the risk of having your bike taken away, and you’ll only get it back if you pony up a fee.

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