May 3, 2013

Getting on Board Japan’s Bullet Trains

Japan’s bullet trains really take train speed to quite a high level. If you’re in one of these beasts, expect to be hurtling down the countryside at up to three hundred kilometer per hour. Since the trains travel so fast, it becomes even more important for them to be traveling according to schedule. As a result, you can expect that these machines will usually be on time. If you need to eat on the train, you have some choices. There are usually food carts which offer snacks, drinks and full meals. They make their way down the train’s aisle. You can also check out the train’s vending machines for other stuff to munch on.

Just because they’re fast doesn’t mean that they’re not comfortable. In fact, when you’re riding in the train, you can expect the trip to be relatively quiet. In addition, the cabins tend to be pretty spacious so you probably won’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. There are two classes of cabin in the bullet trains. There’s the ordinary car where each row usually has three seats, then the aisle, then another two seats. Even if it’s called ordinary, these cabins are still comfortable. The other cabin is the green car. It has wider seats and greater leg room. There are usually just two seats on each side of the aisle.

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