May 9, 2013

Making Your Way to Istanbul – All Day Shopping

When you are making your way to Istanbul for a couple of days and nights without spending too much time in your hotel and wonder where on earth are you going, then try looking for the world’s oldest covered bazaar.

Kapali Carsi or Covered bazaar is an undisputed biggest and oldest grand bazaar that you can imagine. It is practically a wall covered street occupying thousands of vendors selling almost everything that you can imagine. With over 4,000 shops that are found in over 65 streets, you can purchase almost anything that you wanted to buy in Istanbul. Think about food, jewelries, fabrics, carpets, and many more, choosing one item only is not an option. The Grand Bazaar is easy to find because of the majestic walls that hid this street in Fatih. You can get their by riding Tram to Bezayit which you will find open for 8am to 7:30pm daily expect on Sundays.

Thousands of tourists have been visiting this Grand Bazaar every year and often finds themselves a handful of souvenirs that they can bring home with them. You in the other can have that same opportunity as thousands of jewelries, lanterns and different street foods which are exotic and mouthwatering is offered in cheap prices.

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