May 17, 2013

The Best Amplifiers

Recently I’ve been thinking that my guitar doesn't have as much distortion as I’d like it to, and so I was wondering which randall amplifiers at Guitar Center I should get to obtain some. I’m barely looking for something that is much newer to me as well as the sound of what my guitar brings. So, one of my friends suggested me about some pedals that would surely be a great help to what I was looking for. Practically saying, it would appear that the sound is from the tone and mix of the amps, not a pedal. There are some pedals which have always been the standard distortion pedal in my experience and I love them a lot.

Also, Getting myself down into our local guitar shop, to take either a guitar or one of theirs off the wall (benefit being I can have a go on a guitar that I may otherwise never be able to afford), get them to plug and bring out a variety of FX pedals to try.

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