August 22, 2013

The Night Concert Ever

I’m a big fan of rock music. Whenever a good band has a gig or concert in town, I never miss it! One night, my friends and I went to this wicked concert (more like a rock band rave) where most of the audience seemed to be drunk and were really wild. We immediately joined in the fun and got to know some cool kids.

In the middle of the show, we got dragged into the front row near the speakers where I spotted this really pretty girl. She has a petite body frame and her face was a size too small for her eyes and hair, which makes her height quite surprising. She had to be at least half a foot taller than me! This didn’t sway me, though. I walked up to her and asked her a random question about the band that was playing. That’s when I noticed she was stepping on a gator gr ata shallow rack case and was hearing really high heels! I was relieved when she stepped down from the case and saw that she was almost my height. We spent some time talking and ended up dating each other for almost six months.

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