September 24, 2013

How to Travel With a Low Budget

We all want a vacation, but planning one is pretty hard especially when you are in tight budget. Are you going to be one of those people who would just let their travel longing slide just because they think travelling is expensive? Don’t be like those people because you need to see more, you need to see different people, you need to see the world.

Guess what?! You can still enjoy travelling with just a low budget. Here’s how.


There are plenty airfare promos out there that will definitely fit your budget, the secret to getting them is to like their pages or register to their websites to get online news about promos and packages. Trust me I tried it and it really save me from spending more. Travel light, pack light clothing and light luggage because airports charge everything and you tend to pay more once you exceed from the intended weight limit.


When travelling it’s nice that you bring something to munch and while you go sight-seeing, chances are you get to stumble upon a cheap local restaurant or a cafe, or if you are adventurous enough to try some of the local street food then, even better. That’s the essence of travelling.

You can also shop some raw ingredients and cook it yourself, never tried it? I suggest you do.


It is wise to check on reliable websites where you can book hotel accommodations ahead of time, they are much cheaper than walk in customers. There are available back-packers hotels or hostels that are much cheaper than the standard hotels. It’s like a dorm where you are going to only pay for the bed space, but if you don’t want to share in room with strangers then there are plenty of cheap hotels out there, just look for promos and travel coupon codes before booking!


Get around by bus or trains or better yet try walking, it will save you more than taking the taxi ride.


Malls are expensive. Go to the streets, you can find small boutique stores out there that sells cheaper stuff than the malls plus you can haggle with the price.

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