September 24, 2013

My Friend Kelly Loves Music

Kelly is my new friend. She is the daughter of my friend’s teacher in high school. She is very good in music. She can play almost all musical instruments. Early today, she mentioned about best yamaha hs 80 m at musician's friend and a guitar for sale online. With her vast knowledge in music, I am sure that she will be popular in the near future. After all, she is teaching piano lessons for kids in our area.

At present, Kelly is preparing to take an examination to receive a music scholarship grant. She wants to study music outside the country. Hopefully, Kelly wants to be famous in the music world. Someday she will be one of the popular singers in our provinve. She prepared some original composition pieces, too. It is her way of preparing for the examination. Maybe, the organizers will ask her to write songs. Simply put, Kelly is a well-prepared aspiring musician.

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