October 5, 2013

Explore Sagada

Sagada is one of those unspoiled retreats perfect for both couples who want to escape the bustling city life. The idea of going on a retreat is a healthy thing for both the physical and the spiritual aspects of our whole personality. Going on a great escape does not only mean enjoying physical activities to recharge but also to consider feeding our soul with heartful spiritual reflection.

Sagada is then a good choice for this place. After an encounter with God, it is now time to come across with nature. Go nature trekking the caves of Sumaguing and Lumiang. Check out also the hanging coffins and never miss splashing in the waters of Bokong and Bomod-ok Falls.

Exploring Sagada offers a whole package for the soul and the body which you will definitely bring home with you. After a tiring day of exploration, get back to your inns and enjoy the cold evening snuggling under your sheets. Isn’t this romantic?

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