November 19, 2013

Take Pleasure in Calbayog

If Wild, fun adventure with a taste of delicious seafood is what you are after, Calbayog then is the right place for you. Did you know that the best tinapa or smoked fish in the Philippines is served in Calbayog?

Indeed, this place has a lot more to offer when it comes to sea foods. It has the freshest scallops and crabs and the Labtinaw too or the dried fish. It also boasts about its local delicacies such as the kalamay y loko or the ground sticky rice mixed with milk, ube and coconut milk and so with its delicious bibingka.

Have fun with its nice beaches like the Malajog or Pinkit Beach and have a bit of pleasure walking by the shore on barefoot. For wild adventurers, jumping off the bridge facing the Malopalo Marble Mountain best fit for you. It is wild, fun yet very safe. Take pleasure in Calbayog!

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