October 23, 2013

The Fun Things I Did In Boracay

Boracay Island is found in Panay in the province of Aklan, Philippines and it is one of top tourist vacation spot in the country because of its long beach line of powdery white sand and a nice tropical weather. There are lots of fun things to do in Boracay, I only got to experience a few of them because of my budget.

Island Hopping

This is one activity in Boracay that is best done in the morning. We went Island hopping around 9 AM, the sun is nice and the sky is so blue, the weather is perfect for the activity. They will take you to Crocodile Island (the island is shaped like a crocodile). It is a perfect spot for snorkelling because the coral reef is so beautiful and you can see plenty of colourful fishes there. Then they will take you to the famous Puka beach, the beach itself is a delight because it’s pristine.

Fly fish

This is like riding on a banana boat but thrice as fun. The shape of the Fly fish is wide so when it is pulled by the speedboat against the wind the inflatable ride will turn vertical so you have to hold on so that you won’t fall off. I had fun riding the Fly fish; I was shouting all the way, I like to do it again when I get back.

Helmet Diving

My husband enjoyed the helmet dive but I had to go up after 10 minutes because I realized that the helmet is making me claustrophobic. If it wasn’t for my condition I would have enjoyed it because it feels like you’re in a giant aquarium.

Beach Bumming

If you are low in your budget don’t worry because enjoying the white beach is fun enough to make your Boracay experience worthwhile. Skin dipping under the sun is never boring!

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