October 19, 2013

Travelling With Your Grandparents

It’s not easy when you embark on a vacation while bringing your grandparents or the old folks with you. There are a lot of things to consider, they are fragile because of age and may need special treatment during travels.

Consider the place and activity

Choose the right vacation spot that the elderly are most comfortable with; if it’s possible do not to book for long hours of travels. It is also important to consider how well will they do to your itinerary, choose activities that they can participate and not just play along. Don’t go on a long trekking because they will surely be exhausted in no time, activities like snorkelling and diving are risky for them, try skin dipping and sun bathing instead.


The elderly are easily been tricked, they are often a victim of theft when travelling because they trust too easily and weak to fight off criminals. Keep them always close guarded.


Remember to give them a mobile phone, they tend to get lost easily and a phone can come in handy because you can just call them or use the GPS.

First aid

Always carry your first aid kit; remember to pack some antiseptic and bandages for injuries, their health maintenance medicine, as well as anti-allergies, insect repellent and medicine for diarrhea.

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