November 26, 2013

Places You Need To Check Out While In Japan

There are a lot of tourist spots where you can go in Japan, these places are packed with people and you see them quite often on televisions but there are also interesting places in Japan that you can check out and worth your time. These places can be weird but that’s the good thing about it.

Rabbit Island

Can you believe it, a place where rabbits live freely? In Okunoshima Japan, rabbits are freed and had grown to a large number. The people in the island never bothered to kill the furry creatures even though they have infested the place, apparently tourists seem to grow fond of them. You can feed the rabbits while you’re visiting the place.

Cat Island

If you’re a cat person, then you are in for a treat, there’s a place in Japan where groups of cats scatter for your indulgence. These cats are so adorable and they don’t look neglected at all, some of them look very fat and furry. You will be in cat haven once you visited the place.

Butler cafe

There are bars in Japan where you can get male escorts to pour drink for you; they entertain you they serve as your male host. This place is popular for single a woman who wants to be spoiled and just want the company of men to entertain them. Most women in Japan chose to be in their company because they seem to know how to pay attention than their boyfriends.

She-men cafe

There are also bars and cafe here in Japan where men dressed in cute maid outfits and serve you drinks as well as be your host.

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