November 26, 2013

The dream of traveling the world

When I was a child, my parents told me to do well in school. They told me that if I finished school with honors, I can make my dream come true. Now that I already graduated from college, I want to travel the world. My parents told me that I can do it as long as I am determined.

I graduated with honors. I got a job at a very well-known company. They pay really well and I saved a lot of money I worked for 3 years. I planned my travel around the world. Sadly, I plan to do it alone. But I am very excited to see the world in my own eyes.

I will leave next week for Japan. I studied a little of Japanese because I wanted to experience Japan fully. I will stay for a week then leave for China, Korea, Russia, and so on. After my Asian tour, I will proceed to Europe, then Africa and then Australia and lastly, America. Maybe I also want to go to Antarctica.

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