March 30, 2013

A Holiday for Hedonists

Move over Ibiza and Aiya Napa, Marbella is the new holiday destination for hedonists.

What do these three great holiday destinations have in common? Sunshine, glorious beaches and a non-stop party scene. Marbella also offers fantastic beach clubs for aspiring VIPs and celebrities.

Cheap holiday offers to Marbella will have you rubbing shoulders with stars from reality TV and soaps, oh and the odd A-lister. It could be on the dance floor, at a fab beach club or in a Michelin starred restaurant.

Be exclusive

Dotted along Marbella’s impressive 30km of coastline are wonderful beaches and swanky beach clubs. Having saved a few Euros on your cheap holiday to the Costa del Sol, you can afford to live it up day and night.

Spend your days cultivating your tan on super comfy sun loungers, stay hydrated with ice-cold Cristal, keep your body beautiful with delicious light snacks and luxuriate in the excellent service. Darling you were born for this.

I see you baby, shaking that tan

When the sun goes down, tousle your sun-kissed hair, climb into your heels and mesmerise your fellow holidaymakers with your practised dance moves. Make friends with the resident DJ and control the playlist till dawn.

VIP treatment, because you’re worth it

Marbella’s best beach club hot spots are Nikki Beach Club and the Ocean Club. You can join the hedonistic action every night with themed parties, world renowned visiting guest DJs and frequently sprayed Champagne on tap. Watch your hair extensions ladies.

Nikki Beach Club is the sister club of the original Miami Beach Club and St Tropez Beach Club. It attracts many a celeb, as does Ocean Club which is loved by Katie Price aka Jordan and The Only Way is Essex’s Lauren Pope. The Ocean Club is situated in the ever-popular Puerto Banus. This is the place to frequent as it’s home to Gary Lineker’s less-famous brother’s bar and James Hewitt of Princess Diana fame’s restaurant on the Golden Mile.

As well as guaranteed sunshine to tempt you all year long, Marbella’s beach club party season runs from spring to September/October. Both the start and end of the season is celebrated with full-on parties. Don’t miss the boat, or should we say plane?

How to Get to Dublin Zoo via Train Station

Visiting Dublin, Ireland can be a lot of fun for your children and of yourself. There are so many places and attractions that you can go to but the popular place for you and your child to enjoy is Dublin Zoo.

Dublin Zoo is a 20 minute walk from the Heuston grand central station in Dublin. There are lots of accessible transportation that you can ride if you wanted to reach the zoo early or with less effort.

You can roam around the zoo and see different types of animals that your kids would love and would take as much as 3 hours to complete the tour in at least 48 hectares of land. The entrance fee for Dublin Zoo is €15.50 and €11 for adults and kids.

If you wanted to go alone or with all your family members, Dublin Zoo holds and annual pass which cost for only €110 per person or €165 which also allows you to use this pass on other zoos in Ireland as well as the famous Fota Wildlife park. Aside from the restaurants and other snack bars and stations, you and your family can enjoy the fresh air and breeze in their lawn and picnic areas with tables and chairs provided.

5 Weird but Cool Things to Do in Miami

Miami has all the spaz that you would expect it to have, with tanning beauties blanketing its beaches, neon lights fronting the club scene, and a tropical vibe in which it stews relaxingly, and sometimes in Spanish. You’ll probably get to know the popular Miami right away and there are enough articles out there already that can tell you where to go. So we thought it more prudent to add to the lacking archive of articles about the stuff you can do off the beaten path. Those terms rightly describe the following 5 places, which we highly recommend.

Art Basel

One of the world’s most renowned art shows takes place in Miami. In fact, it is THE premier art show on the planet for contemporary and modern art. Here, critics, collectors, museum curators and curious art enthusiasts gather to see the newest works on the art world stage. Art Basel takes place both in its founding town of Basel, South of Miami, and also during winter in Miami Beach itself. If you have even the slightest inkling to appreciate modern art, then this is the best place on the globe to do it.

Manatee Tour

There are several operations that propose a day trip out onto the blue waters of the city to find manatees. If ever there was a big friendly bear of a creature in the ocean, it would be the manatee. Their big tail fin flipper and two steadying flippers, sticking out from their plump bodies, and their cute crunched faces and little black eyes make them very interesting creatures to look at. If you have kids, this weird but cool outing will be especially memorable.

Coral Castle

The history of Coral Castle dates back to the broken heart of a Latvian man, who, when he moved to Homestead, Florida, decided to begin a decades-long work of eccentrics that resulted in a property filled with huge limestone carvings. It’s a tourist attraction, and on a tour you will hear the many legends surrounding Edward Leedskalnin’s creations. The man worked during the first part of the 20th century, never allowing anyone to observe him as he carved. Some say he used telekinesis!

Miccosukee Indian Village

Now here’s a place that can bring the historical aspect of any trip to Miami to life. Before the all-night clubs, before “South Beach” and even before the Spanish, there were the Muccosukee. This preserved Native American village harkens back to a time before the New World was referred to as such. Located in the Everglades, it will cost you a day trip, but once there you will discover the history of the tribe, its clothing, ancient artifacts, paintings, woodwork and even age-old photographs.

Laundry Bar

If you’re in Miami traveling, you will be partying at a bar eventually. If you’re traveling, you will have to visit a laundromat to wash your clothes. Why not do both? Open at 7am, the Laundry Bar starts serving drinks at noon, 7 days a week, and every hour is happy. You’ll find this peculiar establishment in Miami Beach, and the bizarre mix of experiences it provides will stay with you forever.

Staying in Miami doesn’t have to be a rehashing of others’ experiences. Check out these 5 special things to do and you will have a more involved story to tell friends back home. And don’t forget, HostelBookers is the best place to find budget accommodation in Miami.

March 27, 2013

Delivery Bareboat Offers from Seafarer

Yacht operators will often take one way bookings according to the specific requirements of clients looking to explore a wider area or avoid doubling back over areas already visited when returning to base. This usually comes at a premium which usually equated to the cost of the delivery skipper (typically Eur 150 per day) and the cost of the extra charter days required to return the yacht to its’ base calculated on a pro-rata basis. It is common practice amongst yacht operators to offer the return voyage over a week or 2 week discounted rate as an alternative way of attracting clients to charter the yacht for the reverse one-way itinerary.

Such itineraries can be a great way to explore off the beaten track and discover new sailing grounds away from the more crowded routes and harbours. They generally suite more experienced sailors who are independently minded and relish discovering areas away from the standard holiday sailing routes. Another major factor can be price since it can often be a way of securing a much larger yacht for your money or sailing at significantly lower prices, which in today’s market place has to be a hugely tempting factor.

As every year Seafarer has a great selection of 1 way offers which are priced at bargain basement prices to ensure that these weeks are booked up quickly.

Selected examples are shown below.

7 & 14 April, Lefkas to Corfu, prices from: £395 1 week and £595 for 2 weeks on a Bavaria 33. .

25 May – Half Term week! Lefkas to Corfu, prices from £795 1 week on a Bavaria 33

25 October – Half term week, Orhaniye (Turkey) to Athens from only £795 or Orhaniye to Lefkas over 2 weeks from £995 on a Bavaria 36.

Larger yachts up to Bavaria 40 are available at similarly discounted prices

For more details click here contact Seafarer on 0208 324 3118.

March 26, 2013

I am a Hoarder but I Want to Change

I have been a hoarder for my whole life. I buy items or pieces of clothing and I keep them for my life. I never throw anything away. I just feel that throwing items away is a waste of time and money and you never know when you might need the item that you have just thrown away.

There is no order to my hoarding. My house is stuffed floor to ceiling with what some people would call, junk. My living room has a path way of space leading to the couch and the television set but then all other space is filled with clothing that I can’t throw away. My kitchen and bedrooms are the same. I am not as bad as some people though. I go to a support group on a Friday afternoon and some of those people can’t even throw away trash. They keep empty bottles and empty packages just in case they might need it for something.

As a result of attending this support group, I have decided to take control of my life. I want to change and to be able to throw these items away. I don’t want to live in a pile of junk anymore. I want a nice home. I am currently looking for New Zealand Companies to help me clear my home of clutter or possible help me sell some of the items for a bit of extra money. I am eager to get started and I am hopeful I will get the correct help.

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How to Create the Perfect Day in Paris

Paris is one of the most stunning and historic cities in the world. Famed for its romantic architecture, millions of people travel to the French capital to experience the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this European metropolitan hub. From beautiful bridges to shaded boulevards, there are a number of things for couples to do in Paris. The city’s streets offer a timeless feel, and no matter where you go in the capital, the views of some of the best monuments in the world are always spectacular. Let’s take a look at how to have a great day in Paris.

Early Morning

You can start your morning in Paris with a relaxed walk along Seine’s southern bank. Not only will you be able to see a spectacular 360 view of the city, but you you’ll also be able to feast your eyes on wonderful structures like the Eifel Tower, or the Place de la Concorde! As your eyes settle on the romantic horizon, market stalls and street acts set up all around you, and you’ll be able to experience the real culture of Paris.

If you’re looking for a bit of history on your early morning tour of Paris, take a detour to the city’s central square. At the North West corner, you’ll find a statue that was built to mark the city of Brest – and also the spot where Louis XVI’s head was dismembered by guillotine. You can also visit one of the oldest hotels in the city, the 17th century Hotel des Invalides. Part of the hotel is now a museum, and it was used as a war veterans’ residence during the last world war.


There are plenty of amazing places to eat in Paris, especially if you’re looking to try out the local cuisine. From pizza and snails to andouillette and pot au feu, tourists from all over the world book a trip to Paris just to let their taste buds revel in the glorious foods. Visiting the art galleries is also a popular tourist (and local) activity to do at lunch time.

Take a look the world famous Waterlilies by Monet, as well as many other stunning paints by Renoir, Picasso and Cezanne. Take a boat across the river, and you’ll find some of the world’s best impressionists painting on the water front. Self-portraits can be expensive, but they’re well worth the money.

Late Afternoon

As the sun set’s over the romantic city of Paris, take a taxi cab to the Eifel Tower. This huge structure is the most visited paid-monument in the entire world, and millions of people flock to the city every year to gaze at its glory. Step into any one of the lifts, and you’ll be taken up to fantastic heights offering beautiful views of the city. If you and your partner are feeling sporty however, feel free to take the stairs – all 1,665 of them!

To end your day in Paris, why not take a relaxing water boat cruise down the river. Order a bottle of wine and look out onto the dazzling lights of the city, and plan what you’re going to do in this wonderful city the following day.

Peaceful Benefits of Travelling in a Beach

We cannot deny that beach is one of the most liked places of almost all people around the world. We find serenity and silence once we are near in the beach. The good thing about going in a beach is that the sea water has a great way to clear our thoughts. For instance, if we are experiencing some troubles in life, we can think more about our situation if we travel alone and visit a beach. As a matter of fact, experts suggest that the sea water has the best way to stimulate happy hormones in our body. Once you swim in the beach, you tend to forget all your problems in life.

In addition, there are several beaches that you can choose from. You just have to make certain that your chosen beach is safe and secure.

March 24, 2013

Music Programmes for Music Technology

I am studying Music Technology in University. I am only a first year but so far I am really enjoying it. My course is pretty hard and my schedule only allows for weekends off but I would never have liked any other subject, as much as I like Music Technology

For this weeks assignment, I had to download fruity loops and install it on my MacBook. I needed this programme because I was composing a song track that required a complex melody. I have seven days to complete this assignment and I am a bit behind schedule. I hope to finish on time because I am enjoying the assignment a lot. I am trying really hard to get the maximum marks for this class because I hope to use the equipment for a personal project. I am trying to start my own music group which specializes in synthesized music.

World’s Longest Bus Debuts in Dresden

It looks like Germany has taken the crown for the record of the world’s longest bus. How long is it, you ask? Consider the fact that the bus is more than a hundred feet long. It can seat more than 250 passengers in all, and the bus itself is divided into three sections. It can run on electricity for long periods at a time. And there’s actually a lot of technology inside the bus, allowing it to travel and maneuver even on regular roads. In fact, its maneuverability can rival even regular buses. Interest in the bus is high, and cities as far away as Beijing and Shanghai are interested in having the bus on their own streets.

The idea behind the bus is that it can transport large numbers of people within cities, but it is cheaper to operate than a train. In that sense, it combines the capacity of trains with the mobility of buses. It can offer cities another option when it comes to giving commuters an alternative way of getting around. Another advantage is that bus drivers will not need to learn a new way to operate the vehicle. A computer is in charge of making sure that the last two sections of the bus properly follow the first section. Once all the safety tests that need to be run are completed, these buses might start popping up in other places as well.

March 19, 2013

Safety First For Arborists

Tree surgeons or Arboriculturist are considered experts in cultivating and handling vines, trees, and shrubs. This means that no matter how high the tree is, they will surely climb it without fear. This of course is very dangerous, especially if the tree is in danger of collapsing. Even if that is the case, they still brave the height and the danger associated with it in order to study a particular tree. This is very noble and every time they climb, they are putting their life at risk.

This is why they need to invest in the correct gear. The appropriate tree climbing spikes should be used. It is specially made to attach to the boot of the Arborist, allowing them to create proper balance when climbing trees. The beauty of these spikes is they are not solely created for tree surgeons because even utility linemen can use them. They are made from different materials ranging from titanium, aluminum, and steel.

Another gear they should purchase is the harness. Arborists are much safer when they do harness climbing because they are more secured. It assures them that they will not suddenly fall off to their death because the harness supports them. It allows them to do their work without a hitch. They can study the tree properly, not to mention it makes them look cooler in the process. It caters to different people because it comes in varying sizes and shapes so a person is bound to find the perfect one that he can use for his tree climbing activity.

March 17, 2013

Japanese Public Transportation Options

If you need to get around in Japan, you’ll have a lot of options depending on where you are and where you’re headed. Japan has a very well developed train system. The islands of Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku are well-covered by the rail network. The use of the trains is made even more convenient by the Japan Rail Pass. It’s something that only foreign tourists can have access to, and it’s a great option because it allows tourists to ride the Japanese trains an unlimited number of times for a certain period. The periods can range from one to three weeks. Take note though that you can’t buy a JR Pass in Japan. You have to get it while you’re outside the country.

In addition, the main cities in Japan also have bus routes which offer a way to get somewhere after getting off a train or riding the subway. If you’re a tourist, it might be a bit disconcerting to note that not that many signs are in English. But that doesn’t mean that riding a bus needs to be difficult or impossible. Once you get inside the bus, look for a machine which dispenses tickets. Compare the number on your ticket with the number displayed on a sign above the driver. The sign will show the cost that needs to be paid to get off at the next stop. Press one of the buttons located on the bus wall to signal a stop. Before you get off the bus, pay for the ride by placing the ticket and fare in the container close to the driver.

March 16, 2013

Dreaming of a break? Discover your childhood fantasy at Disneyland Paris

Step away from the beach this year by heading to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland.Not only will your children love you for it, but you might even reconnect with your own inner child for the family holiday of a lifetime.

If you’ve always wanted to go to Disney but never been able to justify the costs of getting to Florida, let alone the cost of the theme parks, then Disney Land Paris ticketscould be the ideal purchase for you and your children.

If you want to find out more about Disneyland Paris, if you’d like to read reviews or if you’d simply like to buy tickets, visit

Based in Europe, it’s in easy reach and takes less than three hours to get there by Eurostar. This is because Disneyland Paris is located on the Eastern suburbs of the French capital in Marne-la-VallĂ©e, approximately 32km from central Paris.

Explore the enchanting world of Disney

No matter how much time you have available for your holiday, you’ll find a variety of thrilling rides, bedazzling shows and spectacular parades which will take your breath away.

When you visit Disneyland you’ll see five themed lands just waiting for you to explore. These include Main Street USA where you’ll be transported back to a time of horse-drawn street cars. Here you can browse around at the old school diners as you find yourself submerged in simpler times.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Frontierland. Here you can see the home of cowboys and even take the high speed train ride known as The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Your little ones will love being a princess or a king for the day when you visit Fantasyland, where magic and medieval tales unite. Let a costumed merlin help your child pull a sword from a stone or marvel at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – you might even be able to see her for yourself if you’re lucky! This really is the place where all your fantasies come true.

See the innovative concepts behind some of Europe’s best thinkers and explorers in Discoveryland as you step into the mind of HG Wells, Leonardo da Vinci or Jules Verne. Battle against your family in the Buzz Lightyear video-game attractions or take on Space Mountain: Mission 2 and journey into deep space.

Why should I get Disneyland Paris tickets?

Now is the perfect time to book a holiday to Disneyland Paris. Not only did 2012 mark the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, but the attractions have even been extended into 2013 because of their popularity.

This includes the dazzling show Disney Dreams and Disney Magic on Parade where you can catch all of your favourite characters including Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan and much more.

You can also take The Celebration Train to the Central Plaza where you can join in the celebrations with some of your favourite Disneyland characters.

March 10, 2013

Some Great Luxury Adventure Hotels

Some people want to experience something a little more exciting and yet still have access to their creature comforts. For them, a more adventurous hotel might be in order. For instance, Thailand has something a little different. It’s called the River Kwai Floating Hotel. You can only reach it by traveling using a boat. One of the interesting activities here involves jumping into the river directly from the hotel.

Or if you’d like to take in the surrounding area, you can choose to make your way down the river while on a raft. Or if you want something with more teeth, you can sign up for a stay at the Royal Davui Island Retreat in Fiji. It’s located on a private island, so you can really feel that you’re getting away from it all. But don’t think that your stay has to be laid back. Diving is one of the key activities in the resort, but to make matters more interesting, you can choose to dive with sharks. There will actually be persons putting food in the water, so you won’t just watch sharks swimming. You’ll get to see them in a feeding frenzy. And if you’re in the mood to catch something large, you can also go fishing for tuna, sailfish and marlin.

March 9, 2013

There is nothing like a fabulous get away with your family to reconnect and to relieve yourself of the stresses of daily life. No matter what geographical location that you choose, there are always a host of lodging choices to choose from. For the most part, people stick with the traditional hotel, but there are other options available in terms of lodging, that travelers rarely think about like vacation villas for instance.

Something Different

For your next vacation, you should consider giving your family something a little different than the hotel experience. Rent a villa, and enjoy the extra space that you won't get in an ordinary hotel room. There is nothing worse than being cramped in a room or a suite, and having to spend the entire vacation hopping over luggage. A villa vacation will provide you with the privacy that you will need so that you and your family can make the absolute best of your vacation.

Leave No One Behind

One of the best things about renting a villa is that you get your own, private kitchen, where you can prepare meals for your family. This is especially helpful if you are traveling with person that may have certain dietary needs, like someone who is a diabetic for instance. Having a kitchen makes it easy for the person with a special needs diet to join the rest of the family without having to worry about being a burden or an inconvenience to the rest of the crew. Beyond that, having the ability to cook your own meals will save save you a great deal of money on eating out at area restaurants.

Get What You Want

Depending where you and your family choose to go on your vacation, if you stay in a hotel, and you decide that you want to take a dip in the pool, you have to share with all of the other hotel guest, and deal with the crowds, and all of the other aggravation that you took a vacation to get away from. You can rent a villa that has its own personal pool and you and your family can splash and frolic without having to fight for space and deal with other people. Whether you need a studio, two, three, four or even five bedrooms or more, you can rent a villa to fit your needs. If you have four legged family members, a villa like the ones at La Manga club, would be a fantastic choice. So why settle for the ordinary? Rent a villa for your next vacation and make it extraordinary.

March 3, 2013

How to Find Cruise Deals

So, you’d like to go on a cruise, but you don’t want to break the bank in order to do so. If that’s the case, there are ways to increase the chance that you’ll get a good deal. These usually require a higher degree of planning and greater flexibility on your part. But if it results in you experiencing a memorable sea adventure at reasonable rates, then the extra work can be worth it. One thing you want to do, same as with airline tickets, is try to book your cruise early. The farther from the actual cruise date you are able to make your purchase, the greater the chance that you can score some lower priced options.

Also, do your research and find out which routes or areas have the most cruises. The idea here is that if there are more companies operating in those places, this leads to greater competition, and this could then lead to lower prices and better deals. So, there’s actually a benefit to choosing a popular route. You’ll have to do quite a bit of comparison shopping here, but it could pay off significantly. Just remember to include the cost of any necessary airfare when computing and comparing options.

Importance of Using Quality Microphones

Performing on stage for a special occasion or a major concert needs to have the best equipments to use. From the guitar player and his distortion equipment and the drummer with his cymbals and bass drums a good performance for the audience to be pleased with is the quality of her voice and microphone. As such, purchasing shure sm58 at music123 will give a difference to the performance of the vocal artist than using an ordinary microphone.

Some microphones are in good quality but the only difference it has is the prolonged battery life and the softness and balanced echo that it catches. One of the important factor of using quality microphones is how it can easily picks up the signal from the microphone to the projector or speakers in any patters and at an amazing distance without even experiencing vocal interruption.