August 31, 2013

Tips When Travelling In Vigan

Vigan City is located in the Philippines; It is the capital of Ilocos Sur, a province in the Philippines. This city is a heritage site for the Filipinos, it’s an old city and you see traces of Hispanic life up till now.


The Peak season in travelling Vigan is during dry seasons; from December to February because the weather is cool, visiting the city during the summer season is pretty hot and humid. Tourist should pack light clothing; bring an umbrella and a fan to protect you from the heat of the sun.


If you came to visit and tour, it is best that you take the Kalesa (carriage) and it can accommodate up to four people, the rate is per hour, so make sure to take hold of your map and mark the places you want to visit before you ride in one.

There are also available tricycles that can accommodate up to six people, you can negotiate with the driver about the fare, and make sure you bring in small bills with you, preferable coins because drivers don’t carry a lot of bills and you’ll end up giving more. You can also make pick up arrangements, just decide on the time.


The reason why we travel is to see the place, take pictures, buy souvenirs and try the local food. Vigan is known for their empanada and longganisa, but the Ilocanos have more authentic dishes that you might want to try, they like bitter vegetables like ampalaya (bitter melon), they put this in their pinakbet, they have the pinapaitan (meat and innards coming from beef and goat meat and cooked together with the bile to give it a bitter and strong taste) this is best to eat with rice or you can partner this with beer and serve as a pulutan. They also have the sinanglao, which is a hotpot filled with beef innards.

You might not like how the other cuisines are described but the food taste great; you’re in for an adventure.

August 30, 2013

Find the Best Ukulele Strings at Musician's Friend

Have you ever heard of the place ‘musician’s friend’? A month ago, I didn’t know it either. My friend’s birthday was coming up however, and I wanted to buy her some new strings for a ukulele I knew she really liked. That’s when I discovered the best Ukulele Strings at musician's friend.

I don’t know much about ukulele strings, but my friend really liked them, so I guess they must be good. The musician’s friend website was really interesting as well, and offered a lot of services like international shipping which made my purchase really easy. What I liked best of all were the coupons and freebies they offered. It helped me save a lot of money and make my friend happy at the same time.

What are travel agencies?

Travel agencies are present in every city of every country to help its residents leave their hometown for a while and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Such agencies have offices and headquarters to manage and organize their business by helping the people in planning their holidays. They provide services of professional travel agents who work on behalf of agencies. By visiting the websites of such agencies, you can easily get the idea as to which place is best to visit at present.

Travel agencies have special departments working solely for business and commercial trips only. Therefore, business and organizations contact such companies to plan and book their business trips every year to a new destination. Travel agencies also send newsletters and publications to their members about their upcoming tours and trips to different countries. In this way, people can keep up to date about the top spots to plan their trip.

Tweaking Music Like a Pro

I remember this one time when I went up to my friend’s bedroom. There, I found this weird thing that looked like a cross between an old-school VHS player and a radio. When I asked her what it was, she said it was an art pro channel ii silly’, as if somehow I should have known that.

When I asked her what it was, she gave me a very technical answer which I cannot repeat to you today even if my life depended on it. When I asked her to explain again, in simple words this time, she told me that the device helped her process guitar and bass sounds, and tweak the music she was making. The thing also came with slots for different microphones. This all made sense, since my friend was a singer and played for a band. She said she used the machine to edit heir music before burning it onto a CD. That’s what’s fun about you and your friends having different interests - you get to learn a lot of cool new things.

It’s More Fun In Davao

This City is found at the southern part of the Philippines. If you are worrying about the rebels here, well I assure you that Davao City is one of the safest places in the Philippines because the mayor himself is very strict with the security. The police are like bounty hunters who exterminate the criminals. Smoking is also prohibited here, if you get caught smoking in public places, you’ll be imprisoned for 6 months or pay a maximum amount of 10,000 pesos. Aside from the strict security you’ll find a lot of interesting and fun spots in the city.

Protect Your Files with Avira

When downloading things from the internet, one thing that people should always have is a good anti-virus. I learned this the hard way, when I downloaded an attachment sent to me through my e-mail and ended up with an infected laptop. Not only were all my files corrupted, but it took a while to get my laptop back to normal as well. One anti-virus that my friend suggested was Avira.

Personally, I haven’t tried this anti-virus yet because I am quite skeptical when it comes to trying new things. A lot of people have told me however, that they like this anti-virus and the features it comes with, like automatic updates and custom malware checks. So far, my computer has been working fine. But if it ever gets infected again, I guess it’s time to give this software a shot.

How I Studied while Travelling

It’s truly unbelievable how much you can learn from simply visiting other countries. In the Philippines, I learned about their value of hospitality, while I learned how to enjoy a good sausage in Switzerland. With all the promos and discounts that airlines come up with nowadays, even simple students can go to places they want through a student travel group.

Imagine how much of the world you could see together with your friends. You could hire someone to tour you around Paris, or ask tour guides where to get the best pasta in Italy. Even the inner child inside each one of us can be satisfied through travelling to Disney Land or the Harry Potter Theme Park. We can all learn so much just by enjoying the world we live in. I know I did.

August 27, 2013

Travelling With Babies

Having a baby with you may be difficult especially if you are travelling with them for the first time. You might not know what to expect. Base on my experience the first time I travelled with my eight months old was a rollercoaster ride. I hate to change her nappies every time but you have to, but there are still moments where you are glad to bring your baby with you because it’s another form of bonding.

What to pack

Packing your baby’s stuff is different than packing your own stuff, having a baby is like carrying an alarm clock with you, you have to pack more stuff because babies are delicate, you need to feed them, change their diapers, cheer them up that’s why you need to pack all the stuff to combat your baby’s woes.

Of course you are going to need lots of diapers and baby wipes, and changing pads to put under your baby in times of diaper change, lots of blankets to cover yourself up during breastfeeding, protection for your baby as well as yourself for the incoming milk vomits.

You also need a diaper rash cream, sanitizing gel, small toys to cheer them up, tissues, plastic bags for soiled diapers, your baby’s clothes, formula milk, feeding bottles, brush and cleaner.

You might want to pack a baby carrier, inflatable bath tub, stroller, and a first aid kit in case of emergency. I also suggest that you pack some small snack to munch that is packed with calories; you are going to need a lot of energy.

While on plane

It is better to book flights at night or during the baby’s bed time that way the burden is less since the baby is only going sleep the entire flight, and you won’t be disturbing other passengers. Breast feeding is also an advantage here since you can just pop it up every time your child needs milk, and this works better during long hours of travel.

Make sure you pack extra clothes for you and your baby on your hand carry bag while on plane. You might need to change in case you get vomited or stained from diaper leakage.

Festivals in Melbourne

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival The festival held for 15 years: it is the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival which offers excellent food and wines of the world in the period from 22 February to 8 March. The festival is one of the most interesting in the world in terms of food & wine. For this edition are planned more than 140 events with wine and food experts, chefs, winemakers, authors and critics. The latter illustrates mainly the products of the house that is Australia.

Below is a rundown of the major events open to the public: the World's Longest Lunch, which is around the table with the world's longest hundreds of diners intent on enjoying a menu consisting of 3 different flow rates (29 February from 12.30 to 15.00 - Flemington Racecourse), My Last Supper, creating the "fantasy" of a 4-course menu with wet Australian wines from the vineyards of Victoria.

Also: Langham Melbourne Masterclass, the secrets of the stars of international cuisines will be on Saturday March 1 and 2 at the Langham Hotel, Cellar Door at Southgate by offering wine tasting from over 70 selected vineyards in Victoria (March 1 and 2 in Southgate along the banks of Yarra), one of the most important with regards to wine tastings in the area;

Out of Frying Pan, a symposium on new Australia is able to offer in the field of food and wine (March 3, from 9.00 to 15.00), and finally, Wine Master Class, the tasting led by Ben Edwards, President Sommelier Association of Australia which focuses on four main themes this year devoted to Riesling, Sangiovese, Cabernet and Chardonnay (1 and 2 March - Swanston Room, The Langham, Melbourne, Southbank). If by going there you will still be hungry, don’t forget to from local takeaways at Eat Now Melbourne; they have a variety of foods that will fill your tummy.  

The food festival Taste of Melbourne Taste of Melbourne is the autumn event which rallies the best restaurateurs and chefs, who for four days are dedicated to share with the audience their mastery to celebrate the culinary arts. It is a great event, which this year will be held November 15 to 18, and to get an idea of the size, I refer to the digits on the official twitter page hinting that the preparations, speaks of 53,900 knives, 61,600 forks and spoons 30,800 (it is known that in these parts sustainability is taken very seriously!).

The stands of local artisan producers, restaurants and show-cooking chefs famous or emerging talent, will be based in Albert Park (where there are the Italian names), but to get a taste of the culture of honest local food (which as is often recommended, it is always best to check before traveling) you point out the facebook event page show where there are reports of bloggers who go around Melbourne in a sort of restaurant safari, while posting the photos and addresses of the premises which have particularly appreciated, to keep in mind even if you go over there in another period. However, the Pinterest page of this gigantic festival of food and the pop up image is the fastest thing to understand what to expect, from the dishes, the products, the protagonists of the new edition and their magnificent plates.

August 22, 2013

How to travel around the Europe cheap?

If you are planning to travel around Europe, then you have got plenty of options and good packages offered by different companies. You could choose to take the skies, travel by bus if you got that much time or even take your own set of wheels to take your time to fully enjoy and explore the new places. Some people like to travel by train because there are over 50 different train companies in the Europe each with special and unique packages and quality services.

Most of the train companies give special discounts to the people who want to travel around the Europe by train in the specific time period of the year. You can easily confirm your reservations by visiting their websites and everything is done in seconds. Make sure to see trip packages of as many companies as possible to choose the most economical offer for your trip around the Europe.

The Night Concert Ever

I’m a big fan of rock music. Whenever a good band has a gig or concert in town, I never miss it! One night, my friends and I went to this wicked concert (more like a rock band rave) where most of the audience seemed to be drunk and were really wild. We immediately joined in the fun and got to know some cool kids.

In the middle of the show, we got dragged into the front row near the speakers where I spotted this really pretty girl. She has a petite body frame and her face was a size too small for her eyes and hair, which makes her height quite surprising. She had to be at least half a foot taller than me! This didn’t sway me, though. I walked up to her and asked her a random question about the band that was playing. That’s when I noticed she was stepping on a gator gr ata shallow rack case and was hearing really high heels! I was relieved when she stepped down from the case and saw that she was almost my height. We spent some time talking and ended up dating each other for almost six months.

What is travel insurance?

If you are planning to go on a trip during your vacations then it is always a good idea to get travel insurance. Just like the other types of insurances, it ensures the safety and wellbeing of the traveler and will be reimbursed in case of any accident and mishaps.

Travel insurance makes sure that the traveler does not get his flight delayed which is quite common these days due to various reasons. Travel insurance is good because it provides remuneration for the cancelled trip and also provides assistance to meet the travel expenses.

A lot of people use travel insurance in case of medical emergency if the traveler falls terminally ill then the insurance is responsible to cover his medical costs. These medical costs also include expenses of going back home if the traveler is not in the condition to continue the trip because of his illness or disease.

My Unique Collection

Most people collect stamps, stationeries, rocks, coins, or shells. Me, however, I collect banjo cases. I’m not sure how I started this unique collection—I just noticed I had a ’collection’ once I cleaned my room and found that I had at least a dozen banjo cases lying around. I do have a banjo so it’s not that strange.

Now, I have almost fifty cases in different colors and designs. It’s fascinating because you rarely see a unique case for musical instruments—they’re usually made in black or brown. And so, whenever I see a case with a unique design, I buy it without thinking twice. My friends and family still cannot figure out why in the world I’m collecting banjo cases but they are trying to be supportive and sometimes even add one or two cases to my growing collection!

August 20, 2013

Drop By a Restaurant While Traveling

Choose a restaurant that can welcome you well, a gracious and warm, bright, with modern décor. With a chef that is excellent in all dishes. With a fixed-price lunch, at affordable price for full dinner that offers superb value. Honoring a stomach once in a while is not that expensive, try also to satisfy it sometime. As you give yourself a gift, eating in an affordable restaurant that can meet your good taste makes you feel great.

Maybe a smiling waiter welcomes you in an impressive restaurant; the ambiance soothes your feeling, the costumer’s looks nice that can pull you to feel good. You can learn and experience anew in dropping by new restaurants, learning from experiences sometimes makes you feel complete. While traveling, drop by a restaurant, observe, and be willing to observe some changes.

Fashion Museums of the United Kingdom

Combining two interests, fashion and travel has never been easier, with the fashion capitals of the world, fashion weeks held across the world every spring and autumn, fashion and art shows and of course fashion museums covering an array of clothes and fashion subjects across the world. The UK in particular has a fine selection of fashion museums and exhibitions available so once you have finished exploring the best fashion designers and collections the independents of the UK have to offer at stores such as Boudi London head towards the museums to discover more about the clothes you’re wearing!

Here are some particularly recommended fashion museums in the UK:

Museum of Costume

The Fashion Museum also known as the Fashion Museum is located in Bath and is now 50 years old. Having been in the city for 50 years you can expect special exhibitions and events to celebrate this such as Fifty Fabulous Frocks. The exhibition takes some of the most popular couture names from the world of women’s designer clothing and has them on display until the end of 2013. The dresses you see are from both modern day designers and designers which have been featured in popular period dramas and films such as Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. Every year the museum chooses a “Dress of the Year” and this year it is a stunning silk dress from Dior and should not be missed!

Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A Museum in London is the destination most often thought of by those looking for a fashion museum. This is due to the many world leading fashion exhibitions which are held across the year. As well as arts displays and collections there is a dedicated section for textiles and fashion which covers 3000 years across knitting, costume, fashion and artistic textiles.

Fashion and Textile Museum, London

The Fashion and Textile Museum is a hub for everything fashion in London. Covering collections of fashion items, exhibitions, fashion shows and even fashion design and illustration courses, this museum really does have it all. It is worth checking out the schedule in advance of your visit in order to get the opportunity to book a place in any workshops or courses you may be interested in. A fun way to improve your skills in an areas that interests you whilst having the joy of travelling!

August 19, 2013

Kalinga Shines

DISCLAIMER: Image is not mine, grabbed from

Kalinga is located on the Philippine country side within Cordillera Administrative Region. It is well known with head hunters. But that’s only a hear say, no truth behind those words. Indigenous people are wearing G-strings and topless with tattoos all over their body, that was before and there are still elders today who have dressed like that. Traditional wedding also is one of Kalingas’ pride which is practiced until now, this a happy grand wedding wherein everybody do the native dance while some are playing gongs.

The place is shining today because of its water rafting featured three years ago guests are coming back and forth for that. Aside from water rafting, Kalinga has the Banga-banga falls, sleeping beauty in Tinglayan, Talama in Tabuk City, and Farms and Resorts also are arising. Kalinga shining today…developing and leading to be a productive province.

My Best Friend for Life

As the lead guitarist on the band I joined, I have used 3 types of capos Kyser, Shubb and Victor. Although there are a log of designs and brands, these 3 have been my consistent companion. However, I have been very lazy these past few days that I decided to only use 1 capo for both our jamming session and our gigs.

My laziness resulted to a very difficult to decision I should make. Which capo should I use? Good thing on of my band mates help me decide which one to use. He showed me the pros and cons of using the exciting marshall half stack at musicians friend. It was a great eye opener for me. Though Kyser has its disadvantages, it has more advantages to cover up like it can be operated with the use of only one hand, it neatly stores on my guitar head and it has a partial capo placement. So, Kyser capo has always been my companion whether it is just a practice session or an event.

Travel And Stay

During high summer months, when the heat becomes insufferable, it makes sense to stay at a hotel with a pool outside the city where, if the air stirs, you’ll be the first to know about it. There are famous places like this, on the hills hotel. Some hotels have a less spectacular look, and are mere refreshing. Some hotels have gardens despite its sumptuous public rooms, unpretentious and run by friendly staff, but is not cheap. There is a restaurant in the pool side, a double room, and all rooms are air conditioned.

In some hotels, only few suites have verandas but all the rooms are pleasant moderately spacious with a nice space. It’s refreshing to stay in a hotel with modern complete amenities and friendly employees; there will be no hesitance to stay.

A Guitar that has Style and Authenticity

Where can you find a great guitar that has been authentically made with the most vintage style but with modern finishes? Of course, you can only discover one at exceptional acoustic guitar amps at musicians friend. The characteristic that made this guitar unique and popular is the dual-circuit switch and controls with soaring vibrato bridge.

Although the design and style of the guitar is threatening to a novice, it is highly recommended for beginners as it can be easily played. The 9.5 radius fingerboard is the reason why you can easily strum the string and grip the maple neck. Circuit and pickup selector switches are very accessible so you can experiment with your music. The sound of the guitar is amazing because of its vintage bridge that is located near the rear area of the guitar while another one is situated at the top for easier adjustment of the string height. You can either raise or lower it depending on your preference.

If you want a smooth jazzy tone or a noisy rock rhythm, try the jazzmaster. It will never be out of trend as it combines both vintage designs and modern finishes. Buy now and get the chance to experience playing a greatly styled guitar with a good resonance and feel.

Palawan Magnetism

Tourists who are attracted checking out into the museums of Palawan will discover that Puerto Princesa will be the home to do so. This marks sense from the time when the city capital of the area inclines to be the major record holder of historic works of art and cultural practices. It has three main museums which guests must look into while still in Palawan. The Natural and Historical Foundation is a museum that focuses in antique exhibits from works of art, Palawan Puerto Princesa National Museum, and Palawan State College Museum.

Tourists had better also to make it fact to look into the exceptional specialty museum into the part that which is on the vicinity of an antique leper society which occurred in the place until the start of twentieth time.

Discounts for Repeat Printing Orders

Schools, communities, companies and organizations at one time or another organize programs for different celebrations. Talking about programs and celebrations there are always things that need to be printed in order to facilitate the flow of the activity. When needed web to print store is always there to serve every printing requirement you may always have.

Many professional skilled printers always aim in providing optimal aid with every business’ and organization’s printing needs that come their way with the lowest priced printing products as they possibly could quote. Many prided themselves on their ability to provide services for almost every printing requirement ranges that their clienteles may require. Out of many options available for whatever printing requirements you need done you could give a try the services being offered by this printing company. They even offer discount coupons for repeat printing orders. No two persons have the same level of quality standard requirements when it comes to their printing needs so you just have to see for yourself if what had pleased their customers would also please you and you will be able to get their discount coupons if you come back for more printing orders.

Economic Status Vs Fashion Trends

The present economic problems plaguing the full world have compelled people to switch his or her points, which means that trendy females outfits isn't just inside set of top critical responsibilities for most family members across the world. Consumers are concerned far more with regards to putting meals on their daily needs as compared to in search of trendy women’s outfits. Even so, by means of wearing elegant accessories, women have been able to look elegant in addition to hip even though saving cash at the same time.

They have designed thinking about wearing accessories in which make sure that previous fashion clothes to look in addition to stay relevant. Because of this a female can certainly have on trendy female’s outfits for your preceding fashion period but still stay and appearance hip simply by introducing a fashionable shopping accessory. Belts, diamond earrings and other linked sterling silver necklaces are worn for you to good impact. It has permitted women to save big money that would have usually been invested in obtaining clothes. Cool females clothing is now able to end up being ordered in stores on very inexpensive price ranges. This particular particularly does apply in cases where stores provide the clothes for a discounted. That is that allows you to keep people keen on purchasing the clothing goods. Asking the standard price tag in this particular charged economic atmosphere will only really encourage people to afraid faraway from acquiring clothing goods they can perform without having.

August 9, 2013

Travelling Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women is not really that prohibited to travel as long as your pregnancy is not complicated or your due date is still far away, but there are still precautions when you travel with a baby on your tummy. It’s very risky though but here are some tips for gravid women to remember when air travelling.


Aside from your ID’s, you need to visit your OB-Gynecologist before your plane schedule, you must first asked for the doctor’s consent if your pregnancy is permitted for travel. Airline companies usually require written consent from the physicians, if you don’t have any written consent to show, they may require you to sign a form in case of emergency. The second trimester is the best time for travelling because the baby is well implanted in your belly, first trimester and third trimester are a bit risky.

What to pack and what to wear

Pregnant women need to eat from time to time because the baby inside them takes up a lot of food. When travelling pack up some carry on crackers, sandwiches, cupcakes, dried fruits, some quick snacks just to relieve you from your hunger. Drink some water from time to time. Wear some tights, leggings, or pantyhose while on travel to prevent you from deep vein thrombosis or clots, wear your comfy shoes or slippers and loose dress and shirts.

In case of emergency

When you are pregnant, as much as possible, do not travel alone, you need someone that could assist you in case of emergency. Bring your contacts with you and other relevant information regarding your pregnancy.

Enjoy your travel, if possible rest from time to time, you can have fun but remember not exhaust yourself.

Cyprus: An Introduction for First Time Travellers

Known as a jewel of the Mediterranean, Cyprus has a lot going on for one of the smallest countries in Europe. From soaking up the sun to fascinating sightseeing and parties until the early hours, this island nation really does have it all. Discover the best of what Cyprus has to offer and check out our guide to the best beaches, sights and nightlife for first time travellers.

Before You Go

Cyprus is a member of the EU, meaning that British and Irish visitors will only require a passport to enter the country. It’s also been part of the Eurozone since 2008, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty exchanging currency either before or after you arrive. Cyprus boasts the warmest and sunniest climate in the Mediterranean with an average annual temperature of 24 degrees, so it’s perfect for sun-seekers. While winters are mild, summer temperatures can soar to above forty degrees and many visitors find that the warm and pleasant temperatures in the country’s fleeting spring is best for sightseeing, wine tasting and village festivals.


With an annual average of 300 days of sunshine, Cyprus is the sunniest country in Europe, so it would only be right to hit the miles of golden sandy beaches and make the most of the rays that are so elusive back home. Sun-worshippers should head to the island’s south-eastern coast where beaches around Ayia Napa and Protaras boast white sandy shores and idyllic clear waters. The lack of currents and shallow waters at Makronissos Beach are prefect for children while history lovers should make sure to visit Makronissos Tombs.

Natural Attractions

Even if your idea of a good holiday doesn’t include a moment of sunbathing, you can still enjoy a great holiday in Cyprus. Enjoy the slow pace of life and stunning natural beauty of the Troodos Mountains, take a picnic and go for a hike in the nearby town of Platres, or make the trip to Akamas national Park where you’ll find some of the most stunning walks on the island alongside hundreds of species of interesting fauna and flora.


Sunshine, great beaches, all-night parties… it’s no wonder thousands of tourists search for a great deal at Cheapflights and descend on the country’s nightlife capital each year. Ayia Napa is a night owl’s paradise boasting more than 20 nightclubs and you’ll find a whole host of bars, café’s restaurants and English pubs.

If rowdy parties aren’t your thing, you can enjoy more toned-down entertainment in the resorts of Larnaca or Limassol, or you could head to Paphos for a more family-friendly nightlife experience.


Cyprus is home to a number of archaeological wonders, and even if partying until the early hours doesn’t appeal to you, Ayia Napa has a lot more to offer than beaches and nightclubs. The Ayia Napa Monastery is the area’s most well-known landmark and you’ll also find a number of museums and ruins if you fancy a spot of sight-seeing. Real culture vultures will feel more at home in Paphos, where as well as numerous sunbathing opportunities you’ll also find the city’s historic walls and harbour and the beautiful Paphos Mosaics.

August 8, 2013

Places of Interest in the Hot Sahara Desert

Covering over 9,000,000 square kilometers, the Sahara desert is located in the northern part of the African content and covers about 10% of the continent. Its boundary to the north is the Mediterranean Sea and it ends at Sahel in the south where its landscape transforms into a tropic savanna (semi-arid). Its eastern and western boundaries are Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean respectively.

The Sahara desert is commonly cited as the world’s largest desert which is untrue because Antarctica is in fact the largest desert which stands at 13,829,430 square kilometers. It sprawls over 12 countries and has a golden landscape. However it is an attractive tourist destination and its landscape is mainly characterized by sand dunes, rocks and prickly oasis. Tourists often follow in the steps of the ancient traders as they transverse the desert riding on camel backs which is quite breathtaking as they get the opportunity to visit dusty city markets as they make their way in the dusty desert.

A real Sahara desert experience is never complete without visiting the mountainous sand dunes commonly known as ergs which shift shapes with the winds to form huge hills. Most of them are accessible to visitors while some are inaccessible and have no settlements such as the Grand Erg occidental. Sand dunes are quite common in Morocco such as the Erg Chebbi and Algeria also has quite a number of Ergs which can be hiked or transverse on camel backs.

In the barren desert stands out a little oasis towns that are characterized by earth colored buildings which reflect the landscape surrounding them. These places have a lot to offer in term of architectural and cultural charms and are quite convenient places to stay as you are visiting. Some of the tourist friendly oasis with colorful and cafes are Egypt’s Sirwa and Morocco’s Erfoud. Ancient Ghadames in Western Libya is home to UNESCO World Heritage Site which is characterized by white buildings and is commonly known as ‘The Perl of the Desert.

The rare but vital bodies of water in the Sahara are home to civilization with the main lifeline being the Nile River in Egypt where the ancient temples of Karnack and Luxor, the pyramids, Sphinx and also ancient historic cities such as Timbuktu can be visited. Sports such as diving, spot fishing in the coral reefs and snorkel are quite common in the red sea.

Though several cities in the Sahara Desert have blossomed to become modern metropolises, most of the cities offer a rare glimpse into the rich past of the desert. Air conditioned retreat are offered in cities such as El Aaiun while towering mosques and bustling market places are housed in town sand cities such as Nouakchott in Mauritania. Ghat which is a city in Libya was quite useful in the medieval Trans-Saharan trade route when it served as a vital shop. It serves to remind tourists of this rich historic fact and it is preferred by most tourists in Libya. Timbuktu in Mali was once a haven for Islamic architecture and African trade but has since transformed to become dusty sanctuaries for traders.

The 5 Essential Items for Newbie Hikers

Some are mountain people, others prefer the sea, while others still are set on urban vacations, which allow them to explore the mysteries and fascination of a foreign destination. Yet, there is one more category of tourists that often gets overlooked. That’s because hiking and backpacking seem to have fallen out of favor, in a day and age when most travelers prefer to unwind, instead of putting in effort during their spare time. Yet the truth is hiking is one of the most rewarding outdoor activities, as it combines sports, survival skills, and exploration of nature. As such, if you’re thinking of packing up your backpack and heading out to one of those many beautiful trails out there, here are five essentials that your luggage has got to include.


Urban travelers rely solely on maps, but what happens when you step outside the city, in areas where no GPS or smartphone app can do the navigation work for you? That’s when you thank yourself for packing a good quality compass along with you. You will need to look for a compass that displays all 360 degrees – experts swear by compasses that show as many degrees as possible, preferably in two-degree increments. Also, it’s useful to have a compass that differentiates between the Magnetic North and the actual geographic North. This will allow you to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, irrespective of the geographic area your adventures may have taken you to.

Quality footwear

There is no match for a good pair of hiking sandals. Look for a model with sturdy straps, that will keep your ankles and shins in place and protect them against possible slips along the trail. It’s also worth taking into account the material the sole and in-seams are made of. You will want to opt for sandals that come in breathable materials, with ergonomic soles. Also, make sure your straps are adjustable, as is the case with Reef sandals, so that you can successfully get over the inevitable swollen foot syndrome.

First Aid kit

First aid is invaluable on the mountaintops or in the woods. Especially make sure that you have plenty of band aids and sterilized gauze, because there aren’t that many ways to improvise these items, if faced with open cuts, in the great outdoors. Also, you can choose to take along a booklet, pamphlet, or even an authoritative book, which deals with emergency situations. You can also add a CPR mask and some rubber gloves to your kit, and if you’re truly committed to taking up hiking as a hobby, you might want to enroll in a first aid course for hikers.

Swiss knife

You don’t need to invest in the most complex and expensive pocket knife out there, but you will definitely want to opt for one that’s got several functions. The best ones out there come with tweezers, wire cutters, reamers, toothpicks, nail files, pliers, and corkscrews. Think about what you want to use your pocket knife for – more often than not, it’s for first aid, cutting various materials, and preparing meals. Can your Swiss knife do that for you?

Food for emergencies

This one is rather self-explanatory. If you’re planning to spend more than a day outdoors, you need to come prepared for any emergency. You might become stranded, get lost, or caught up in the rain. Whatever happens, you need to make sure you can survive until you are rescued. Canned food is your best option, especially if you find something that has good nutritional value and is easy to carry.

August 1, 2013

Exploring China with Bullet Train Rides

It was 2008 when China first introduced the Bullet Train. This is specifically a top class train where services are at its highest and is now booming because of the speed that it has which can take you to China’s main stops and cities.

Getting to China’s cities is not an easy thing to do especially if you are traveling with a lot things to carry. Some other reasons may be associated with expensive plane tickets and bus transfers. I mean, that could be so frustrating transferring from one bus to the other until you get to the location that you wanted. It could even spend you more than what you expected because of the different stop over.

The bullet train is however one of a kind. Not just because you get to arrive at your designated cities in the shortest time as possible but also allows you to relax at the comfort of their high class cubicles and seats, allows you to save money from unwanted expenses and gives you the opportunity to dine while traveling.

So the next time you go to China and wanted to get to one place to the other with less expense and in the shortest time possible, riding a bullet train is your perfect choice.

Awesome Alternative Holidays for all the Family

Skiing In France

Skiing is a whole load of fun, and for the youngsters it is like a rite of passage. France offers a varied array of skiing resorts and ski chalets that will cater for all your family’s needs. All you need to do is pack your skiing gear, get set and off you go!

Les Gets is a fine village in Portes du Soleil where you find an exciting collection of charming skiing resorts. There are excellent child friendly facilities and gentle slopes that will keep children well occupied all day long. It is also fantastic for beginners with the delightful ‘Blanchet Circuit’ for you to discover.

In the popular Paradiskis domain is La Plagne which offers great ground for beginners and excellent facilities for novices. The high altitude of these slopes ensures complete snow coverage which is crucial for skiing. The young children can have fun in the available ski-kindergartens.

Explore the magic of skiing in the Alpe de Huez which is the fifth largest ski area in France and also links to other remarkable skiing villages. There are over fifty restaurants to choose from. Here, there is something for every member of the family.

Tour of Caucasus

The Caucasus Mountains form a boundary between three amazing countries; Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Taking a family trip down this road is an exciting experience as you will discover extraordinary ancient historical sites, beautiful mountain sceneries, and endless opportunities for adventure.

Holidays in Georgia offer the opportunity to visit numerous ancient churches and Cave Monasteries. Here your family can enjoy riding in the world’s longest cable through Vorotan Gorge to Tatev Monastery. It has a history of winemaking and the mountains offer an opportunity for hiking and sightseeing.

In Azerbaijan your family will be amazed by watching the quirky mud volcanoes that you will find nowhere else in the world, these volcanoes are also known as fire temples and have been featured in movies such as James Bond’s ‘Oil Field’ and ‘The World is not Enough’.

Trip to Burma

Burma is fast becoming an unbeatable holiday destination because of its various attractions. It is filled with delightful scenery such as the tranquil Inle Lake, the wonder of Yangon, and the Golden Rock among many others.

Ngapali beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar. Here you can enjoy long stretches of pristine sandy beaches. Watch your young ones splashing in the clean sky blue waters as you relax and enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs and the lush green coconut palms. Discover the beautiful Bay of Bengal nearby and let your family taste authentic Rakhin cuisine.

Explore the secluded Mergui Archipelago, stuffed with primitive forests, unspoilt islands where you can enjoy family picnics and diverse marine life. Some of the members that love diving can indulge in these islands.

Get involved in some fun activity like enjoying a hot air balloon ride across Bagan, the view is spectacular. Capture the beauty of over 2500 temples and pagodas all built in ancient times from the gently floating hot air balloons. Enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets while up in the sky where nothing passes you by.

5 Ways to Take a Thrifty Break Abroad

Money is always tight, more so for the last few years. However, you can still save on travel costs if you follow these five alternative ways of making those pounds give you more.

Get a City Pass

Cities are exciting places to travel. Filled with culture, people, and lots of history, you will always find something to do. A city pass will give you access to some of the most coveted tourism features at a discount rate, allowing you to enjoy your time for much less.

Most big cultural cities have a city pass on offer that gives you access to their major museums, tourist attractions, and more often than not unlimited travel on public means. Some like the Paris City Pass even give you discount shopping and wine tasting!

That should whet your appetite to travel to Barcelona’s lively city and indulge yourself in culture and history. With the Barcelona card, you get discounts to 80 museums, cultural activities, shops, and other entertainment venues. You also get free transport within the city area. For better value, buy it before you arrive in the city for free airport transfer as well. Great value for money!

Get a good deal on travel insurance

Travel insurance is a necessary evil: those expenses that you must take, even though at times you wonder what for. However, if you have ever needed to claim the money because your child got sick while travelling, you will appreciate how important it is.

A good travel deal ensures that you pay only for what you need to. The first step should be to identify what your other insurance covers can pay for. If you have international health insurance from your company that covers your holiday travel, then don’t double pay. Your home insurance covers your luggage on transit, then it doesn’t make sense to pay twice for it.

If you travel a lot, then it is worth considering getting annual travel insurance cover. This will turn out to be cheaper for you in the long-run.

Book early

When you book early, you can take advantage of “early bird” discounts offered by hotels, property owners, and tour operators. This has the twin advantage of allowing you to pay slowly over a long period, a lighter burden for your pocket as well. Booking your plane ticket early allows you to save on air fare as well, especially if you plan to travel during peak periods.

Go with a local tour operator

Exploring where you are travelling can be an exciting affair. Many tourists prefer the security of travelling with internationally renowned travel agents. While this is perceivably safer, it comes at a hefty premium price.

Using a local tour operator can seem like somewhat of a risk, but it can be immensely rewarding. Local tour operators are cheaper, but more often than not very friendly and eager to please. They will hand you to a local guide whose knowledge of the area extends well beyond the traditional tourist circuit. You will make life-long friends, and ultimately enjoy a richer experience. A great advantage is that you know that tourism money is benefitting the local community directly as well.

A caveat: ensure that you thoroughly research before committing your money to the tour operators. Read reviews, do background checks, and ask around. While cheaper, the risk of getting poor service is much higher.

Get direct deals

Dealing with agents will have you paying more for your holiday. No one works for free, and the premium paid for commissions could easily be saved. Instead, deal directly with your service providers. Book your hotel directly, get your air ticket done yourself, and avoid third party websites advertising attractive discounts.