December 17, 2014

First Hotel in Bonifacio Global City Taguig

F1 Hotel, located in Bonifacio Global City or BGC, is Taguig’s first Boutique hotel. Fabulous Furniture greets the guests on the fifth floor where the Receiving or the Front Desk is located. Either you are a local or foreign tourist, easily enjoy this three star Hotel for its close proximity from the Airport and Metropolis.

Filipino Hospitality at its finest. With only the best and experienced employees to give you their personal attention with utmost care. This hotel can boast of their sincere guest relations capability, Businessmen assistance or Family care.

Despite the absence of a bathtub, their lux designed rooms makes up for it. Their trendy pools and excellent gym with world class equipment. Experience more of their fine service in their in-house F1 Spa. Exotic treatments to give you the most relaxing massage in the city. With a view of Manila’s growing Metropolis, bask in its quite resplendence while dining to F1’s Top Notch International Cuisine. This is one great Hotel you do need to try.

December 4, 2014

The Best Summer Getaway

Summer is just around the corner in some part of the world. Planning your summer destination as early as now is the key in finding all the right places with reasonable price.

Since most people prefer going to the beach during this time of the month which means that for most beach resort this is their peak season which also means that the rates are more expensive during this time of the year. Booking early can score you discounts and big savings. In the Philippines, Boracay is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear summer and beach. Its actually one of the most amazing beach in the country. There are other beaches all around the world that is worth traveling too. Satornini in Greece also has beautiful beaches which is also a great place to go.

Traveling to different place is fun to do especially when you are with the people that you enjoy the company. So whenever you get the chance to travel to different places don’t pass out the chance.

Perfect Mouthpiece for Your Trumpet

Different mouthpiece trumpet comparison is being produced different types and tones of sound. A mouthpiece is built with a cup, rim, back bore, and bore. The shape, size, and arrangement of all of its parts have a perceptible influence on the sound. Selecting the perfect mouthpiece relies on the trumpet, the knowledge of the player and the type of music being played.

You can learn to control the air you blow into the mouthpiece when you practice; a larger rim lets more air to get through and therefore creates a louder sound but it is hard for a beginner to blow in big amounts of air, so it is going to be better for a learner to select a mouthpiece with a smaller rim.