October 7, 2015

Reminiscing from New Orleans Museums

New Orleans is not just famous for its haunted houses and places but also considered as one of the top destination in the US that you can visit. Their famous National World War II museum caters different artifacts that signify the hard work, team work and sacrifices made during that time.

If you consider yourself a war expert and a patriot of the World War II then going to this museum in New Orleans is your top destination. You will experience the clash of emotions from all the videos, pictures, vehicles and other things that incorporated the WWII.

The WWII museum may not be your child destination but there are other museums that you can go to like New Orleans Children Museum. There are more museums that you can discover in this violet sky city of New Orleans. Your can also visit their famous French Quarters for your ghostly and paranormal experience but still savoring the rich history of the city and the people.

The famous French quarters had been a tourist destination despite of the ghostly experience that most travelers and guest have but because of this spookiness and a bash of culture, New Orleans became one of the famous cities that you can visit in USA.

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