November 4, 2015

What to Do In New York City

When you say New York City you instantly remembered all the magnificent structures like the famous Statue of Liberty or the tallest building ESP or Empire State Building.

Empire State Building gained its popularity by the time it was built in May 1, 1931 to be the tallest building in the world. Today, there are different things that you can do in the Empire State Building be seeing its grandeur below where they have lighted over thousands of neon lights that captivates every tourist and locals as a tribute to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy as well as celebrating this year’s holiday.

If you have the guts to go up 86 stories above the ground and go into their observatory then this is your lucky day however you need to have the perfect timing to get ahead of the line because you are not the only tourist who would be there to see New York’s beauty on daylight and evening.

The observatory in the ESB is something that you should go whether it is just an ordinary vacation day in New York or your Wedding Day and Honeymoon pictorial. So the next time you are in New York City, never forget to visit the famous Empire State Building for your one time view of this wonderful city.

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