January 6, 2016

Washington DC. Spring Experiences and How to Get a Tour

It is always a pleasure to unwind and get involve with the political life and experiences in the White House. Have the chance to stroll in the garden of Jacqueline Kennedy as well as the Rose Garden. Enjoy the lushes and first class culinary services that will lead your eyes and mouth water.

Having a private tour inside this colonial house is something that could happen to you only a few times in your life. You can see great lights and fountains just outside the house. The beauty around the White House is more lavishing especially during spring season where fresh air and hundreds of flowers all bloom together.

To make the tour possible, you should send a request in the Member’s Congress that allows you to have your own private guide. Public tours are also available that caters your needs in term of shuttle, tour guide and food. A 90 minute lunch gives you a chance to unwind, relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of the place that is held in the famous Smithsonian National History Museum. Day and Night tours are available to give you the comfort that you needed.

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