February 4, 2016

10 Must See and Go Cities in Europe for 1st Time Travelers

Traveling for the first time in Europe is an amazing experience and there are lots of places that you can go and see. Well, thy have the famous Eiffel Tower, Buckingham and so much more wonders that you will surely drool. Not to be as excited as such, you need to have a list of the 10 must see cities in Europe.
  • Athens – adventures, romance, fantastic journey to the other worlds like Greek heroes and hero do, you can stroll this city and see some of the ancient temple remains as well as the statues and sculptures of your favorite Greek gods and goddesses. 
  • Rome – visiting Rome for a couple of days is not enough to know and see the true beauty of this city however you can visit the Pantheon and Vatican City as well as the Trastevere and many more. 
  • Paris – Eifel Tower, Norte Dame, Louvre Museum and so much more. You’ll love this city with its main attractions that brought millions of people to visit here every year.
Europe is even more exciting with some of the famous cities like London, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Milan, and Istanbul. Visiting Europe lets you discover and see things that you don’t see everyday and it is worth to travel.

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