February 5, 2016

3 Benefits of Having your Wedding at a Country Club

Your wedding day is an important milestone in your life. Down the road, it's going to be one of the moments you'll look back on and fondly reminisce over with your spouse, children and possibly your grandchildren, too. When you look back on that event, hopefully you'll remember how wonderful the venue was and how it enhanced your day. The venue, therefore, becomes an important component of this milestone.

Country clubs, including country clubs in Maryland for weddings, are an outstanding venue option, and here are three benefits they offer you.

Indoor/Outdoor Options

If you can't decide between an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, you won't have to choose one over the other when you book your event at a country club. This venue option offers the best of both without adding excessive fees or effort. Best of all, if the weather changes and it starts to rain or worse, your nuptials and celebration can be moved indoors, on-site. Many country clubs are equipped with ballrooms and patios that offer simultaneous access to the indoor and outdoors, a real benefit for couples who are searching for both.

On-Site Wedding Planners

Most country clubs that offer their venue for wedding celebrations also have on-site wedding planners, another benefit. These professionals will not only have stellar connections to florists, caterers and photographers, they'll also know the layout of each space you may use for your wedding inside and out. Their knowledge will be especially helpful when you're ordering flowers, planning your guest list and deciding where to place the dance floor.

They Offer Numerous Conveniences

When you book your wedding ceremony and reception at a country club, you can look forward to a few conveniences like not needing to switch locations. This will cut out in-between travel and allow you more time to spend with your guests. Additionally, the spaciousness of a country club ensures parking spaces will be abundant and the views will be breathtaking. The on-site ballrooms and patios can accommodate a guest list of modest numbers and up to, in many cases, 500 guests, so you won't feel like you have to leave anyone out.

Booking your wedding ceremony and reception at a country clubs offers benefits that will help you enjoy your day more thanks to indoor/outdoor options, on-site wedding planners and numerous conveniences.

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