March 8, 2016

3 Things to Remember when Traveling to Rome

Traveling to Rome is something that you should not be too jumpy about. Yes you need your passport but there are more things that you needed to bring and take note of before getting to Rome to make sure that it is worth your money and time.
  1. Bringing your ID – it is most important for you to bring your ID not only to help you give the right information to the officers or police whenever you’ve lost your way and passport but also to have discounts on most of their main attractions. Think of it, traveling could be expensive but with your ID, specifically for students, you can get discounts in some places.
  2. Does some intensive research – getting to Rome is one thing and knowing what to do is another. Most common mistakes of travelers is to go to Rome without even knowing where to begin and that takes a lot of their time and money on going to places and eating in restaurants where they should not be. Therefore, have the place research and identify these places that you wanted to go to. 
  3. Get a RomaPass – you may think of getting this ahead of time because it gives you lots of chances to save your money with discounted entrances to some location plus the free transportation for three days. It will also help you cut off that long pain staking time just to get in the Colosseum.

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