A day in Manila

It was a super hot summer in Manila. My daughter can’t help but comment how different the place was compared to home. Yes, it was indeed hotter in Manila. Our first day there was a challenging one. We agreed to commute upon going around the city and spend our saved cash on food instead. Good thing, the condo unit we rented was accessible to bus and jeepney terminals and even to the Light Railroad Train station. Our first destination was the Mall of Asia. We took the jeepney and spent only php16 to get to the place. We had our lunch at the mall’s food court and tasted their sinigang and sisig. The food was excellent! We took our daughter to see the snowy, cold skating rink and she got to see children dancing on skates. It got her to wonder if she could ever do the same. I told her, she can when she’s older. We toured the ever known biggest mall in Asia. It was indeed so big, it almost got me dizzy walking around. Our little daughter had a great time in her first time ever in Manila. This was her first long trip too. We had trips before but mostly were land trips and barge boarding. Whatever it is, this summer trip we had was infact unforgettable for her, I bet…

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