Chimelong Circus

China Renminbi is the currency of this place. 1 RMB is equivalent to php 7.13 and US$ 0.14. Travelling to Guangzhou will bring you to its main airport which is the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The Canton Fair is held here twice a year in April and October, respectively. By day, go to the markets to shop at places such as Baima for clothing. When shopping for handbags go to Jifang Bei Lu and take yourself to Beijing Lu to see a little bit of everything. During the night, Chimelong Circus starts in the evening which costs RMB 120 per person. Hit the Cohiba , the first ever retractable roof bar restaurant, for dinner and drinks. You can also go for a Pearl River cruise followed by a huge spread at II Forno, Shangri-La Hotel. Don’t leave Guangzhou without doing the Whitewater rafting and hire a car to scenic Qingyuan. This place is totally amazing!

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