Getting the Best Deal When Getting Away For a Break

Whether you’re traveling to visit in-laws in West Palm Beach Florida, getting down under in Sydney Australia, or discovering the sites and tastes of France you’re going to be looking for your trip to be affordable.  Hotel discounts aren’t the only way to save. Traditionally, we have been taught that booking in advance is the most affordable; however it’s been proven that you can find last … [Read more...]

Oman a Unique Tourist Destination Awaiting Discovery

Oman is a country most people have heard mention of in passing. But how many people actually know more than just the name? The answer is probably very few. And even fewer people know what its capital city is called, which is Muscat, of course. Doesn't trip off the tongue in quite the same manner as Paris, London or New York. But all that's beginning to change with the influx of expatriates living … [Read more...]

New Adventures in the New World

By Lee Tillyer As the superpowers of Renaissance Europe wrestled each other for lucrative trade and dominance of the New World, they inadvertently shaped what are, in my opinion, some of the most enticing and fascinating places to visit – the islands that nestle in the Caribbean Sea. While the islands of the Caribbean are physically close to each other and their histories intertwined, each … [Read more...]

A Holiday for Hedonists

Move over Ibiza and Aiya Napa, Marbella is the new holiday destination for hedonists. What do these three great holiday destinations have in common? Sunshine, glorious beaches and a non-stop party scene. Marbella also offers fantastic beach clubs for aspiring VIPs and celebrities. Cheap holiday offers to Marbella will have you rubbing shoulders with stars from reality TV and soaps, oh and … [Read more...]

5 Weird but Cool Things to Do in Miami

Miami has all the spaz that you would expect it to have, with tanning beauties blanketing its beaches, neon lights fronting the club scene, and a tropical vibe in which it stews relaxingly, and sometimes in Spanish. You’ll probably get to know the popular Miami right away and there are enough articles out there already that can tell you where to go. So we thought it more prudent to add to the … [Read more...]