Road Trips For Budget Travellers

As the long-awaited summer quickly approaches, thousands of us will take to the roads to explore the countryside and partake in the many destinations that the world has to offer. However, some road trips may prove too costly for a tight budget in these economically challenging times. So, why not take an exciting and memorable journey while staying closer to home? The United Kingdom boasts a wealth … [Read more...]

New Adventures in the New World

By Lee Tillyer As the superpowers of Renaissance Europe wrestled each other for lucrative trade and dominance of the New World, they inadvertently shaped what are, in my opinion, some of the most enticing and fascinating places to visit – the islands that nestle in the Caribbean Sea. While the islands of the Caribbean are physically close to each other and their histories intertwined, each … [Read more...]

Delivery Bareboat Offers from Seafarer

Yacht operators will often take one way bookings according to the specific requirements of clients looking to explore a wider area or avoid doubling back over areas already visited when returning to base. This usually comes at a premium which usually equated to the cost of the delivery skipper (typically Eur 150 per day) and the cost of the extra charter days required to return the yacht to its’ … [Read more...]

Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

There is nothing like a fabulous get away with your family to reconnect and to relieve yourself of the stresses of daily life. No matter what geographical location that you choose, there are always a host of lodging choices to choose from. For the most part, people stick with the traditional hotel, but there are other options available in terms of lodging, that travelers rarely think about like … [Read more...]